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Another EDLer making plans for Nigel

posted by: Duncan Cahill | on: Thursday, 26 May 2016, 09:36

Farage on with the Edge

Farage on with the Edge

It was only last month that we revealed how gobby EDL wally David Russell had joined the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

Last night in Bolton, another serial EDL wally, Andrew Edge who has a conviction for violent disorder at an EDL rally in 2013, turned up to shake hands with Nigel Farage and his deputy Paul Nuttall.

I wonder what it is about UKIP that attracts violent racists?

Edge with UKIP's Paul Nuttall

Edge with UKIP's Paul Nuttall

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Foul Islamophobia of UKIP Calderdale candidate Christopher Michael Baksa

posted by: Sarah Archibald | on: Tuesday, 3 May 2016, 12:37

Christopher Michael Baksa

Christopher Michael Baksa

Christopher Michael Baksa is on Thursday standing for UKIP in Calderdale’s Luddendenfoot & Walsden ward. Judging by his Facebook page his pitch to voters is based largely on the peddling of myths, lies and hatred directed almost exclusively at Muslims.

If you want to see the filth he posts, click here and check out that page. It’s wide open for all to see and, as there is too much hatred, political infantilism and wilful ignorance for us to re-post here, we strongly recommend seeing it with your own eyes. We extend that invitation to the UKIP hierarchy which, despite claiming to have tightened its vetting procedures, seems little interested in taking action against those whom you might politely describe as a being a little wanting, morally speaking. Mind you, perhaps we should also mention though that Mr Baksa claims to be UKIP membership secretary.

One example shows how Mr Baksa uses video footage posted online by someone calling themselves “BIRMINGHAM CRUSADER ENGLAND.” We’re sure they’re not at all dodgy. The footage shows violent disorder on the streets of Cardiff which Mr Baksa uses to chastise “Liberals” and migrants. His post attracts predictably nasty comments with migrants/Muslims (the distinction isn’t made clear) labelled as “savages” and “sewer rats” and the far right dream of civil war tiresomely forecast.

Unfortunately for Mr Baksa the footage he has posted is of disorder sparked by the hurling of racist abuse and drinks at people taking part in a pro-Palestine protest. Four men were subsequently convicted of violent disorder. The outcome hardly supports the anti-migrant/Muslim rhetoric punted by Mr Baksa and the virulent hatred of his supporters’ Facebook posts

Perhaps he and UKIP could explain why he has liked those venomous posts? Before they do though, there’s more evidence to consider. Nigel, where do you stand on you candidates endorsing a post saying: “F—k YOU Muslims go back to your own filthy country”?

Unsurprisingly Mr Baksa is not at all happy about Sadiq Khan’s candidacy for London Mayor, expressing views which might even make Lynton Crosby blush.

There is much, much more, including puerile and deliberately offensive memes of the kind perpetually mined by the far right. They’re obsessed with pigs and goats.

So now, with just two days before the Calderdale polling stations open, what will UKIP do it about its candidate for Luddendenfoot & Walsden? Endorse or denounce?

Over to you Nigel.

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Gobby EDL DJ gets UKIP membership

posted by: Sarah Archibald | on: Saturday, 23 April 2016, 07:39

Russell: Shameless moron

Russell: Shameless moron

UKIP faces fresh embarrassment today after it was revealed that the party’s North Thanet branch has accepted one of the EDL’s loudest tub-thumpers as a member.

We do mean loudest in its literal sense for Davey Russell is famous for being the gobbiest, rantiest fascist on the circuit. Not for nothing is he known in anti-fascist circles as DJ Batshit, although the Herne Bay based bore styles himself as DJ Bossman. Quite what he thinks he’s boss of we do not know.

His frequent video postings are foamier than an 90s Ibizan nightclub and lengthier than a Donna Summer 12” remix. To save you on time and froth anti-fascist campaigners EDL News did a nifty edit which will give you the picture. DJ Davey is also a little casual in his observance of the law with the “far right shock jock” having been up before the beak in March for running a dismal pirate radio station.

Once viewed, at least by himself, as an EDL leadership contender, Davey has now become a footsoldier in Farage’s farcical “People’s Army.’” He even posted a picture of his freshly minted North Thanet UKIP membership card on his gloriously open Facebook profile.

When doing so he gave thanks to local EDL veteran, David Quarrinton who, in return, says the branch could use Russell’s talents, whatever they are. The Quarrinton name is one familiar to HOPE Not Hate as last May we featured David’s daughter Tracy Jane on this very blog. She had a thing about Muslims and sharing Britain First posts.

Another person who should be familiar with Mr Quarrinton is UKIP’s 2015 candidate for the South Thanet seat, a Mr Farage. It seems the pair shared a platform in Sandwich last February. Perhaps he might want to get in touch again and ask why he Quarrinton is facilitating a high profile EDL member in a flagship UKIP branch located in a parliamentary constituency the party has long cherished?

If UKIP is to adhere to its own constitution then Russell needs to be immediately expelled because, as we know, the party proudly proclaims itself to be the only one to bar former members of the EDL, BNP and so on. Then surely an investigation into David Quarrinton’s actions is merited?

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UKIP branch secretary in spat with EDL activist over secret “Patriots 2” Facebook group

posted by: Sarah Archibald & Rachel O'Hara | on: Tuesday, 19 April 2016, 19:28

Sally Woodhall, secretary of UKIP’s Redditch branch has become embroiled in a Facebook spat with Milton Keynes EDL activist Leigh McMillen.

The duo are trading online blows after McMillen claimed Woodhall had removed him from a secret far right Facebook group – called Patriots 2 - of which she is “owner” and which he previously helped admin.

Patriot games

Patriot games

Were it to take that constitutional requirement seriously, Woodhall would be out. Not only did she apparently invite an EDL activist to manage her now not so secret group, but she is also a member of another. Its title kind of gives the game away. It’s called “BNP EDL NF ED BV – UNITED BRITISH NATIONALIST & PATRIOTS ALLIANCE.” It could be re-named “UKIP’s Proscription List.”

As you might imagine the comments in that group are less than judicious, its contributors casually throwing around racial and religious epithets.

Mind you Woodhall herself is not herself averse to indulging in language which we might politely describe as unparliamentary. As well as sharing commentaries by the likes of fascist groups like the South Coast Patriot News and Katie Hopkins, her Twitter feed is positively Chaucerian.

We've spared your blushes

We've spared your blushes

No doubt now that HOPE Not Hate has exposed Ms Woodhall for her associations and activities, Mr Farage will throw her out. Or not. No doubt she woz hacked.

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The candidate UKIP just cannot shut up...

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 15 April 2016, 17:06

Evans with Farage

Evans with Farage

A candidate for the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has launched an extraordinary attack on his own party, labelling them "dishonest" and a "detestable club of self-interested, political aspirants; hiding away their skeletons," accusing them of "lying to the average voter."

Joseph William Evans who is standing for the party in Boothstown & Ellenbrook ward in Salford, has launched an expose of his branch on his personal blog, writing that having graduated from mere supporter to candidate, he has lost all faith in the party for trying to suppress his views.

And what are his views, exactly? [sic] "am I supporter of eugenics & am also particularly interested in the ideas of Oswald Mosley & have published two books on Amazon expressing such views."

And indeed he has. His book about democracy, published last December, is a right corker:

"This book explores the failings of the modern democratic system, and seeks to create, as best it can through the Author's experiences and observations, a lust for revolt & state of emancipation. Addressing a wide array of subjects from political correctness to the prostitution of the right to vote, this book is unrelentingly controversial."

Evans: Forthright...

Evans: Forthright...

His second book, published in February of this year (my, he is prolific) is about Eugenics: "The first attempt in decades to modernise & reintroduce the science of eugenics, by people-selection, into society. The author reveals his own reasons for supporting the reintroduction of such a science, and delves into its history, implementation, potential & promise."

White kids: Bloody gorgeous

White kids: Bloody gorgeous

Evans also describes his Salford branch, who have probably asked him to shut up about his views, thus:

"But what I probably despise most, or that at the very least makes me cringe, is the desperate attempts of the Salford branch to dispel its image of being a racist party. I have, for instance, been asked on numerous occasions to invite any black or brown friends that I may have to our meetings in an effort to convey that we are supported by all people; and not just by white people. It is a highly pathetic aspiration. If a political party truly is not a racist party, then it shouldn’t have a problem with having no black people – or, in an alternate case, with having no white people."

There you have it, then. He's probably not a racist, but...

Only a handsome devil would get away with this

Only a handsome devil would get away with this

You can tell by his picture that Evans is handsome. He must be handsome. Anyone with his views on women is bound to be...

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Batten is at it again

posted by: Rachel O'Hara | on: Tuesday, 22 March 2016, 19:39

This was Gerard Batten’s only tweet in response to the bombing in Brussels this morning. No compassion for the victims, no anger towards the terrorists but straight forward blame of all Muslims.

The UKIP MEP for London has a long history of blanket criticising Islam and Muslims. From supporting a ‘Muslim Charter’, (A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding, written by Mr Batten’s friend Sam Solomon), to the banning of new mosques in London until there is a place for non-Muslims to worship in Mecca and Medina, Batten is rarely quiet and never complimentary on the subject.

Batten has often been in the company of far-right MEP’s and has admitted to meeting with the funder of the EDL, Alan Ayling, aka Alan Lake.

Ex-Ukip member Nikki Sinclaire once said of Batten:

“Gerard talks about the gradual takeover of Great Britain and sharia law. He has been hell-bent on attacking Muslims.”

Today’s singular tweet certainly seems to endorse her view.

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UKIP supporters bottom of class in school row

posted by: Rachel O'Hara | on: Thursday, 10 March 2016, 12:18

Last year saw many schools holding mock elections, spurred on by their statutory duty to promote ‘British values’ and the Department for Education’s desire for them to promote democratic processes.

It’s a useful exercise, but one which needs managing within the constraints of the classroom, leading some schools to focus on the UK’s three main parties. In doing so one, the Wildern School in Hampshire, found itself gaining national press attention as The Express offered up some manufactured outrage upon which UKIP supporters duly feasted.

The three-way election naturally did not include UKIP, nor the Greens, TUSC or Beer, Baccy and Crumpet party, all of whom have in recent years contested the local Eastleigh elections.

One UKIP voting father of a child at the school was outraged that the children could not vote for his party of choice. He also claimed to The Express that teachers told the children that Ukip was being excluded because it is a racist party. This claim was not substantiated by the newspaper.

UKIP deputy leader and North West MEP seized upon the story, using his Facebook page to accuse the school of “political brainwashing.”

Gift unwrapped

Gift unwrapped

This then led to numerous responses from UKIP suppoirters which included conspiracy theories…

….claims that UKIP are a race

…and some vile and irrelevant racism

In an email response to The Express, the headteacher mad perfectly clear the school’s position:

“Last year Wildern School held mock elections, for all of its students to experience what it feels like to vote. As there was only limited time available for the exercise, students spent one lesson analysing the main policies of the three largest political parties at that time. The school has a politically neutral approach and encourages children to engage with the political process. The mock election took place nearly a year ago and this is the first time the school has been made aware of any concerns.”

Despite the headteacher’s concise reasoning, Paul Nuttall is calling on the government to investigate the matter.]

It seems more likely that Department of Education and Ofsted officials will merely raise eyebrows and shake weary heads given this was the second politically-motivated attack on the school conducted by The Express in just one week.

On February 29 the paper ran a story with the screaming headline: “PC gone mad: Outrage as school calls police after pupil looks at Ukip website in class.” Further down a story littered with unattributable sources and evidenced only by one angry UKIP-supporting parent, it emerges that of it had in fact been brought to teachers’ attention that the pupil concerned had been looking at an English Defence League video.

So, rather than the picking on a pupil for researching UKIP, the school was following government guidelines under its anti-extremism drive. Whilst The Express might believe, as it implies, that this should focus only on the likes of ISIS, it does not. It also embraces far-right political grooming. So it should, given a recent report by the Royal United Services Institute, Chatham House, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and the University of Leiden are more lethal and numerous than their Islamist counterparts. It found Britain hosted more far right attackers and plotters than any other European country.

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UKIP hell in Halesowen

posted by: Rachel O'Hara | on: Wednesday, 9 March 2016, 08:57

The Halesowen and Dudley Yemini Community Association (HDYCA) has reported a UKIP councillor for alleged racist slurs related to alleged attacks on local teenagers.

The complaint was lodged at the council after Stuart Henley, elected to Halesowen North Ward in Dudley in 2014, wrote an allegedly racist comment on line shortly after it was announced that Dudley council and HDYCA had struck a deal regarding a Youth Centre in Halesowen.

HDYCA is to lease an unused building in the borough to run a Youth Club for 18 months.

Unhappy with the news, Henley took to social media and wrote: "Dudley Council cannot get any worse, run by idiots, they are renting a youth centre to a Yemini group."

Trouble is trouble is trouble

Trouble is trouble is trouble

It what others view as positive news, the HDYCA stated that they plan to "provide young people with access to the building that is welcoming, safe, warm and clean where young people can engage in a range of fun, challenging activities."

Councillor Henley claimed that "a group in Halesowen" and a "police sergeant" had previously complained to him that teenage Yemini males had "caused issues" with young females.

The vice chairman of the HDYCA told the Halesowen News they were "very saddened of these unacceptable comments" and that they would "create hatred and animosity which could fuel the desire of individuals to cause physical harm to a person of an ethnic Yemini background."

Indeed, Ian Cooper, council member for children's services in Dudley criticised Henley's comments: "If Cllr Henley has any allegations about sexual exploitation then he must report them to the authorities and not slur an entire community."

Some of Henley's other social media

Some of Henley's other social media

Instead, it seems that Henley chose to vent his views on social media rather than to report his concerns to the police. Since the news articles, Henley has continually stated that he is not racist and that he "has a duty to speak out". Somewhat late, he has also suggested that he and the HDYCA sit and talk about how they "can work together".

Surprisingly, Henley says he cannot remember the name of the police sergeant who claimed there was a problem with teenage Yemini males and appears to have no proof and no grounds to make an official complaint.

Rivers of Etheridge to the rescue

Rivers of Etheridge to the rescue

Unsurprisingly, UKIP are standing by their man. Indeed Bill Etheridge, the UKIP MEP for the region and who has previously warned of 'Rivers of Blood' in relation to immigration, took to twitter in Henley's defence.

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Another of Nigel's many faces is showing

posted by: Rachel O'Hara | on: Monday, 7 March 2016, 21:27

There has been much debate and mudslinging over the weekend due to the resignation of John Longworth from his role as director general at the British Chamber of Commerce. Many claim that he was pressured out of his job for expressing his opinions on the EU referendum despite he himself saying in a text to The Guardian;

“FYI(For Your Information) I have resigned from the BCC as I would like to (be) able to express my own views freely on the (EU referendum) debate.”

Being vocal as ever, Farage took to Twitter to say;

Nigel often finds those that agree with him “thoroughly decent”. He also tweeted

despite the fact that Longworth claims that the decision to resign was entirely his own choice and voluntary.

Not one to stop digging, Nigel continued, this time on LBC radio, claiming that;

“If John Longworth had said he wanted to stay in the EU, he'd still be in a job.”

When news of John Longworth's resignation came through last week, Nigel, seeing yet another opportunity to boulder his vote no campaign, pounced eagerly and invited Longworth to Ukip's Bristol conference.

Nigel's hypocrisy came screaming into the conversation over John Longworth's resignation, on LBC, when he suggested that;

“the establishment and big business club together to try and stifle debate”

Well Nigel, you managed to do that all by yourself! Twice in two months you have fired Suzanne Evans for not agreeing with you and you call your only MP, Douglas Carswell, “irrelevant”.

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Nigel's at it again

posted by: Rachel O'Hara | on: Friday, 4 March 2016, 14:35

Nigel Farage is, in traditional fashion, blaming everything that he feels is wrong in the UK on our membership of the European Union.

On Wednesday Ukip released a party political broadcast highlighting London's housing problems.

Ukip Mayoral candidate, Peter Whittle, is seen speaking to two Dagenham mothers who both live in overcrowded housing, the theme being, the growing length of the council housing list and theoverpopulation of London.

At the end of the broadcast Farage states:

"..our population is going up by over a third of a million a year as a direct result of "open borders", a term he uses to describe free movement within the EU.

With just the minimum of research, (or applying a little common sense), it is obvious that this is simply not true. Let's have a quick look at immigration figures. Immigration to the end of September 2015 was 617,000 and emigration 294,000, yielding a net immigration figure of 323,000. Net EU migration was estimated to be 172,000.

You do the math Mr Farage! 151,000 immigrants were from countries outside of the European Union.

Meanwhile in an opinion piece written for social housing and local government news site 24dash, Andrew Charalambous, Ukip's housing spokesman claimed that “immigration levels are the principle catalyst for the current UK housing crisis."

Again, this is simply not true. London does not have a shortage of bedrooms, it has a shortage of both social housing and affordable homes. Investors from overseas have been encouraged to buy numerous properties to fuel the economy and many of these properties are left empty. Bigger, more expensive homes have been allowed as they bring in greater profit. Indeed, many of the developers are from overseas e.g. China and Qatar.

The effect on London, of this scheme is shown clearly in this chart, published by the Office for National Statistics:

As more money has been invested in central London, the population density has actually reduced, swelling the numbers of people living in boroughs further away from the city centre. Also important to note is that immigration from India was responsible for the largest population growth in London. Mr Farage, if you've got an atlas (perhaps Enoch signed your old school copy when visiting Dulwich College?) you'll not that India is not in the EU, not even in Europe.

It is NOT our border controls that are causing the housing crisis in London but the
encouragement of foreign capital employed for trophyproperty investments, the lack of investment in social housing and the buy to let scheme.

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