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UKIP 2.0: Arron Banks Suspended By UKIP As He Prepares New Party

posted by: David Lawrence | on: Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 17:18

Andy Wigmore and Arron Banks

Andy Wigmore and Arron Banks

UKIP’s largest financial donor Arron Banks has been suspended from the party, stating that he is now concentrating on a “new movement” which he has dubbed “UKIP 2.0”.

As revealed by HOPE not hate, this is the outcome of a deliberate campaign by Banks and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage to undermine the party, in order to start a new populist, far-right venture.

Leave.EU campaign head honcho Banks, who has donated over £1 million to UKIP, has been harshly critical of party leader Paul Nuttall and claims to have been ditched for saying the leadership “couldn’t knock the skin off a rice pudding”. So vital is Banks’ money that his departure could doom the ailing party.

However a source close to the Leave.EU leadership has told HOPE not hate that since the EU Referendum in June 2016, Banks and Leave.EU communications official Andy Wigmore have been actively trying to sink UKIP in order to clear the ground for a new movement.

Leave.EU tactics

A Farage loyalist and immigration hardliner, Banks has long spoken of pouring his considerable resources into a populist campaign that utilises the online tactics of Leave.EU (the unofficial Brexit campaign alongside Vote Leave, which used sophisticated data capture and profiling techniques during the Referendum) to target younger voters.

Banks has repeatedly scorned UKIP’s only MP Douglas Carswell and the moderate, libertarian faction within UKIP, and has expressed his displeasure for Nuttall’s desire to “push [UKIP] to the centre” instead of standing on a “radical” platform.

HOPE not hate understands that Banks and Wigmore have convinced Farage to make the break too, and that the trio have enacted a calculated plan to undermine UKIP to the point it splits and the membership haemorrhages.

Nuttall’s failure

The opening salvo was fired by Farage, who claimed at a recent UKIP conference that Nuttall’s success in the Stoke by-election in February 2017 was crucial for the future of UKIP. After Nuttall’s failure, Farage stated that the party must be “radical” and “own immigration”, forcing confrontation between the moderate faction and the hardliners.

Banks then released an open letter demanding that he be made UKIP Chairman or he would pull his millions. Farage began calling for Carswell to be expelled, and Banks promised to run against Carswell in an effort to unseat him in the 2020 General Election. Banks also recently told The Independent that Nuttall was “quite weak” and that the party was “run like a squash club committee”.

UKIP is in dire financial straits, having lost multiple funders over the past year, and recently being ordered to repay more than €172,000 by the European Parliament (EP), after an EP group led by UKIP was found to have misspent over €500,000 of European grant money on domestic political campaigns.

Nuttall will have to display remarkable resourcefulness to keep UKIP afloat now that Banks has finally pulled the financial plug.

“We will now be concentrating on our new movement,” Banks said in a statement released through his populist blog Westmonster.com. Accompanying the statement was a picture of Banks flanked by Wigmore and Farage.

Wigmore, Banks and Farage

Wigmore, Banks and Farage


Breitbart: A Right-Wing Plot To Shape Europe

Five Star Movement’s founder calls for vote to reject UKIP, citing “improper use” of EU Parliament funds

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Exposed: “White Genocide” Claims of Top UKIP Figure

posted by: David Lawrence | on: Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 14:30

  • UKIP NEC member shares white nationalist propaganda
  • Reveals appalling Islamophobic views
  • Calls party leader Paul Nuttall a “C**t”

Katie Fanning, an elected member of UKIP’s National Executive Committee (NEC), has alleged there is an ongoing “white genocide” and “Muslim plans” to “outbreed” British people in order to install an Islamic dictatorship in the UK.

HOPE not hate can reveal that Fanning, 27, has a history of making racist and extreme Islamophobic claims in both public Facebook posts and private messages to Jay Beecher, campaign manager for former UKIP leadership contender, Lisa Duffy.

In one post to the “Young Liberal Society” Facebook group, Fanning wrote “Diversity = white genocide”, which was “being enforced through the lefts [sic] cultural Marxist agenda”.

White genocide is a term long-used in racist circles to refer to a deliberate campaign of mass immigration, integration and miscegenation conducted by sinister (and often Jewish) elites.

Alongside this claim Fanning posted a video titled “’Diversity’ is a codeword for white genocide”, originally posted by the “alt-right” Facebook page “Politically Incorrect Broadcast”. The video features news clips commenting on demographic changes in the UK and US underscored by dramatic music.

Also featured in the video is a clip of Paul Weston, leader of the far-right party Liberty GB, quoting sections of the UN’s definition of “genocide”, in which the term is held to cover “deliberately inflicting” on a group “conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”. The video finishes with a call to support ThisIsEuropa, a group established in 2012 which now claims to be “one of the largest pro-White communities online”.

When challenged, Fanning posted a lengthy defence of the video, claiming that those dismissing her claims are “as bad as the cultural Marxists who are destroying our Nation and its people”.

In another public post she said that, despite attempts to “fool us”, all Muslims follow an “evil ideology” that aims to “make the UK an Islamic country by outbreeding us and corrupting infiltrating our politics” and to install Sharia law and “[make] us an Islamic dictatorship”.

In another post she praised Russian leader Vladmir Putin after he was apparently quoted in fake news outlet Nos Comunicamos, saying he would kill “every Muslim” if ISIS bombed a Russian city. According to Fanning this alleged threat made him a “strong leader” worthy of “respect” as he “will turn the whole country to glass if pushed”.

Despite displaying such alarming views, in December 2016 Fanning was elevated to a position of serious influence within the party when she became one of 12 NEC members who make up the principal management and administrative authority of UKIP.

Fanning quickly rose up the ranks after joining UKIP in 2014, and became the National Deputy Chairman of the Young Independence youth wing (YI) in early 2016. The YI group has come under fire for appalling racist and sexist language and “alt-right” terminology encouraged by YI leader Jamie Ross McKenzie.

Fanning’s former colleague Jay Beecher, who worked closely with Evans and Nuttall’s principal political advisor Patrick O’Flynn, told HOPE not hate that he initially made contact with Fanning after being tasked by leadership hopeful Lisa Duffy to investigate racism within the YI, and that Fanning soon began making her extreme views known to him.

In private messages to Beecher, she claimed that she had contributed towards exposing “the links between local government, elitists political, business, lobbyists and the Muslim pedo gangs that they buy kids from.”

In another message unlikely to ingratiate herself with her bosses, Fanning called UKIP leader Paul Nuttall and former leader Suzanne Evans “self serving c*nts”.

Beecher has since left UKIP and released a book free on Amazon Kindle alleging racism and outright corruption within the party. Beecher told HOPE not hate:

“The failure of UKIP to vet any candidates or to set out any criteria is a dangerous, irresponsible and rather amateur move. It's clear that certain individuals, including Katie Fanning, are attempting to turn UKIP into an extreme far right party or 'BNP lite’.

“Many of my former colleagues have contacted me expressing their worries over the recent appointments and the direction that the party is taking. The irony is that individuals such as Fanning believe that they are actually opposing extremism when in reality they are promoting it. At the moment a vote for UKIP is an endorsement for such shady characters.”

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Paul Nuttall pictured with another far right activist

posted by: Sally Archibald | on: Friday, 3 February 2017, 16:08

Wayne Riley with Paul Nuttall

Wayne Riley with Paul Nuttall

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall’s ability to attract the country’s more colourful far right activists continues to hit his Stoke by-election campaign.

Last week the national press caught up with HOPE Not Hate’s blog of last May to report how Nuttall had posed with violent EDL criminal Andrew Edge. Regular readers will not be surprised to hear that, despite UKIP’s official stand rejecting members of far right groups, this was not an isolated incident.

Mr. Nuttall is pictured above with infamous Bolton racist Wayne Riley. Riley, a regular on far right protests is also well-known for abusing Asian residents in the Lancashire town. He also has a conviction for using threatening or abusive words or behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress on election day in 2015. Such is the volatility of his temperament that he had to be removed from court when the case was heard.

A man of conviction.

A man of conviction.

Riley also attended the anti-mosque demonstration in Bolton last November at which members of the now proscribed National Action threw Nazi salutes. Their actions overshadowed his own bizarre attention-grabbing stunt of dressing up in a niqab whilst swaddling his pooch in union flag jacket.

No respecter of the law, the following month he used his Facebook page to promote his own illegal mini-cab service.

Before January was out he also used Facebook to proudly post a video of himself childishly abusing some local Asian men. Over on YouTube he ranted "I will fight these Islamic retards until I die."

It turns out Riley is quite the UKIP fan having also previously grabbed photo opportunities with former leader Nigel Farage. I wonder what it is about the party that attracts suich types?

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Far Right Feedback Loop: Virginia Hale, the “Alt-Right” and Breitbart

posted by: David Lawrence | on: Tuesday, 24 January 2017, 15:42

Earlier this month Breitbart London received round condemnation from the press for deliberately publishing misleading news.

Writing on the site, Virginia Hale declared that a “mob” of “more than 1,000 men” attacked police officers and “set Germany’s oldest church alight” on New Year's Eve.

These claims were quickly dispelled by the German press. Dortmund’s police force clarified that no “extraordinary or spectacular” incidents had occurred. The German news site Ruhr Nachrichten, which had been cited as a source for the Breitbart story, accused the site of “using our online reports for fake news, hate and propaganda”.

Breitbart News Network is no longer a fringe publication: the ultra-right outlet boasted 45 million unique readers in the immediate run up to and aftermath of Donald Trump’s election.

Hale has contributed almost 400 articles to Breitbart’s British arm since December 2014. Worryingly, even a cursory look at her Twitter account reveals both an obsessive preoccupation with race and an active dialogue with the white nationalist leaders of the so-called “alt-right”.

Until very recently, a pinned tweet immediately confronted you with a rant about “white genocide”, a term that has long been used in racist circles to refer to a deliberate campaign of mass immigration, integration and miscegenation conducted by sinister (and often Jewish) elites.

According to Hale, the end goal of such a ‘genocide’ is to turn whites “into hated minorities in our own homelands”.

In other tweets Hale alleges that there is an attack on “white men and Western civilisation in the pursuit of their destruction”. In one tweet she shares an infographic blaming an alleged drop in European IQ levels on immigration.

In yet another she posts a photo of racist abuse spray painted onto a UK mosque with the caption: “Going to call this one as genuine rather than the usual hoax,” alongside a smiling face.

Such poisonous views do not exist in a vacuum. Hale can be seen discussing the fine points of immigration with popular white supremacists such as “alt-right” founder Richard Spencer, of the National Policy Insititute (NPI), Julius Ebola and the self-described fascist Mike Peinovich (aka Mike Enoch) of ‘The Daily Shoah’ podcast and TheRightStuff, who was recently ‘doxxed’ (exposed) as having a Jewish wife.

Alongside Kevin MacDonald of the Occidental Observer and racist vlogger Colin Robertson (aka Millennial Woes, also recently doxxed and exposed) in Scotland, Hale has even made contact with Matthew Heimbach, considered by many to be the face of a new generation of neo-Nazis.

Hale in conversation with Richard Spencer of the NPI

Hale in conversation with Richard Spencer of the NPI

Spencer, credited with coining the term “alt-right” and an effective leader of the loose movement, asserts that there is a symbiotic relationship between the “alt-right” and Breitbart.

“Breitbart has elective affinities with the alt-right and the alt-right has clearly influenced Breitbart,” Spencer told The Daily Beast in 2016. “In this way, Breitbart has acted as a “gateway” to alt-right ideas and writers.”

It is alarming that Spencer, a man who believes forcibly sterilising minorities is a viable route to a white ethno-state, could make this claim about one of the most popular ‘conservative news’ sources on the net.

Unfortunately evidence of this rightwing feedback loop can be found in the content of Hale’s writing, much of which fits into white nationalist narratives.

Article titles include: “Whites Need Not Apply: BBC Advertises ‘Black, Asian Or Minority-Only Positions”, “Islamic Academic: Migrants Want Eurabia, Globalists Using Migrants to Destroy The West” and ‘African Migrants Riot Against ‘Racist’ Italians: ‘Allah Will Guide Us in Revenge’.

Hale’s relentless association of Islam and immigration with social degradation ensures the comment sections of her articles become a toxic sewer of race-baiting, Islamophobia, nativism and conspiracy, populated by the likes of Julius Ebola and Millennial Woes.

Odious racist vlogger Colin Robertson, aka Millennial Woes, commenting on Hale’s article: “Antifa Writer Beaten Up By Muslims Shouting ‘Filthy White’”

Odious racist vlogger Colin Robertson, aka Millennial Woes, commenting on Hale’s article: “Antifa Writer Beaten Up By Muslims Shouting ‘Filthy White’”

Selective and fake news is targeted to appeal to the biases of its audience, and “alt-right” racists are a section of the Breitbart readership that appear well-known to Hale.

It is therefore depressing but unsurprising that Hale would pen an article, as she did about New Year’s Eve in Dortmund, that exaggerates and obfuscates wildly in order, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung paper, to create “an image of chaotic civil war-like conditions in Germany, caused by Islamist aggressors”.

The pernicious ideas of the “alt-right” have filtered into Breitbart and, in Hale’s case, so blurred the lines between the two that they end up looking one and the same.

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Senior UKIP Leader Slams Party's European PR Man As “Total Liability”

posted by: David Lawrence | on: Friday, 13 January 2017, 16:57

Hermann Kelly, UKIP’s European press spokesman, has been slammed by top UKIP official Suzanne Evans for a public attack on Brendan Cox, HOPE not hate can reveal.

Evans referred to the UKIP PR man as “bloody Kelly” and a “total liability” after he released a series of tweets making derogatory comments about the widower of Jo Cox MP and claiming that Turkey was “on the same side as ISIS, Saudi and Qatar”.

Suzanne Evans' reaction

Suzanne Evans' reaction

Kelly has a long history of making inflammatory statements through his official Twitter account in his post as Director of Communications for UKIP’s European group, Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD). Kelly uses the same account to publicise the official press statements of the EFDD.

Evans, UKIP’s current Deputy Chair and Health and Parliamentary spokesman, vented her frustration to the now defunct Reform UKIP! grassroots pressure group in a private message after seeing Kelly’s provocative statements.

Evans is considered a moderate voice within the party and decried the “far right” within UKIP during her leadership bid late last year.

Kelly has previously used social media to share wildly Islamophobic memes and “news” articles from notorious rightwing conspiracy sites.

With tensions high in the wake of the ISIS terror attacks in Nice last July, Kelly chose to demonise Islam as a “death cult” that “thrives on violence”. Attached was a quote attributed to (but in fact misquoting) Winston Churchill: “Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog”.

Even more worryingly Kelly has posted content from the notorious conspiracy website InfoWars, including an article ‘Feminised males will allow Muslims to conquer Europe’.

InfoWars is run by rightwing firebrand Alex Jones, who has alleged that the Sandy Hook massacre (where 20 children and six staff were murdered at an elementary school) was a “false flag” attack by the American government in order to introduce gun control, and that President Obama was responsible for the Olklahoma tornado outbreak in 2013.

InfoWars remains a popular website among so-called “alt-right” circles.

Kelly has previously been criticised for referring to two Muslim MEPs as “Taliban” and singing pro-IRA songs in a Brussels pub while employed by UKIP to manage its public image. Kelly has also been accused of hounding an ethnic minority UKIP advisor to withdraw an official racism complaint made against a member of the Sweden Democrats, UKIP’s extreme-right ally in the European Parliament.

One of tweets by Hermann Kelly that provoked Suzanne Evans’ disapproval

One of tweets by Hermann Kelly that provoked Suzanne Evans’ disapproval

When we asked the European spokesman to comment on his Twitter history, Kelly’s full statement read: “Who cares... you are a political campaign group masquerading as a charity.”

Unfortunately for Kelly, it appears as if leaders in his own party do in fact care and are beginning to take notice of his irresponsible and contemptible public statements.

Hermann Kelly, UKIP’s Director of Communications for its European Parliament group, the EFDD

Hermann Kelly, UKIP’s Director of Communications for its European Parliament group, the EFDD

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Five Star Movement’s founder calls for vote to reject UKIP, citing “improper use” of EU Parliament funds

posted by: David Lawrence | on: Monday, 9 January 2017, 17:31

Beppe Grillo, leader of Italy’s anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S), has urged his party to cut ties with UKIP due to political differences and “discomfort” at the recent EU money scandal.

M5S members will vote on leaving their Eurosceptic group “Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy” (EFDD) co-chaired by Nigel Farage.

Grillo wrote on his blog that M5S had “reconsidered the nature of the EFDD group”, stating that the two parties no longer shared common goals in the wake of Brexit.

However he also cited the Italians’ displeasure in the wake of the misspending scandal surrounding the EFDD’s related political party, the Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe (ADDE) and related foundation (IDDE).

News broke in November that UKIP had channeled almost £400,000 of ADDE money - funded by taxpayers - on polling ahead of the Brexit campaign and Farage’s failed bid for a seat in Parliament at the 2015 General Election. The IDDE was also found to have misspent almost €34,000.

Improper use

"We not also hide a certain discomfort with the improper use of the Foundations' capital (to which we have given up and will continue to give up) by some colleagues EFDD, in reference to the news published and from which we take the necessary distance," said Beppe Grillo.

MS5’s 17 MEPs allied with UKIP’s 22 to form the EFDD following the 2014 European elections, securing lucrative EU funding for both groups.

The relationship between UKIP and M5S was precarious from the off: beyond Euroscepticism the environmental M5S shared little in common with the far-right party. In his blog Grillo made reference to the fact that UKIP and M5S have voted together on just 20% of issues over the past two-and-a-half years.


It is also understood that the Italians have long been uneasy about the presence of the extreme right within the EFDD, which includes Holocaust denier Robert Iwaszkiewicz of Congress of the New Right, a party so extreme it was rejected even by Marine Le Pen’s Front National. The EFDD also includes the Sweden Democrats, a party with Nazi roots which is enjoying an ever-closer relationship with UKIP.

In a move that would provide the “necessary distance” from both the EU money scandal and the extreme European fringe, MS5 is now in talks to unite with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), a pro-EU group led by EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt.

Farage has responded in an official statement:

"In political terms it would be completely illogical for Five Star to join the most Euro fanatic group in the European parliament. The ALDE group doesn’t support referenda or the basic principle of direct democracy. ALDE are also the loudest voice for a EU army. I suspect if Five Star joins ALDE it’s support will not last long."

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Nigel Farage’s aide faces 20 years behind bars

posted by: David Lawrence | on: Tuesday, 3 January 2017, 21:04

A senior aide to Nigel Farage has pleaded guilty to concocting a scam to extort money from drug dealers. He now faces up to 20 years behind bars as well as a £200,000 fine and deportation.

George Cottrell, 22, told a gang of drug traffickers on the dark web that he could launder up to £122,000 a month for them whilst protecting their anonymity. However, Cottrell intended to retain the money and blackmail the traffickers.

Unfortunately for Cottrell, he was in fact communicating with American undercover agents.

Cottrell was arrested at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in June after accompanying Farage to the Republican National Convention with Farage, at which Farage gave a speech. Cottrell has been held behind bars since.

Cottrell, who was previously in charge of Farage’s private office and was part of UKIP’s media team, made the following confession to court on Monday:

'I falsely claimed that I would launder the criminal proceeds through my bank accounts for a fee. Rather than launder any of the money, though, I intended to retain the money.'

Cottrell’s uncle, Alexander, the 3rd Baron Hesketh, defected to UKIP from the Conservatives in 2011 and has since donated substantial amounts of money to UKIP.

Farage has tried to distance himself from Cottrell, telling The Daily Mail: “I can’t be responsible for everyone around me”.

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10 Reasons To Oppose Nuttall

posted by: David Lawrence | on: Monday, 28 November 2016, 14:40

After months of profound crisis, UKIP announced today that Paul Nuttall has been elected leader. While he is not as well-known as Nigel Farage, his views are every bit as hardline.

Below are 10 reasons why we should stand in opposition to Nuttall's UKIP.

1. Nuttall has strongly supported Farage's 'Breaking Point' billboard

When questioned about the billboard – which some commentators compared to Nazi propagandaNuttall defended the poster as an “absolutely correct” depiction of the “deluge of people coming from the Middle East”.

2. He believes there is a secret coordinated Muslim plot to become a majority in Europe

In an article entitledStop calling them all refugees – they’re not” in his column in lad mag the Midweek Sport, Nuttall defended the much-discredited theory of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, before stating:

We are importing Muslims into Europe in Biblical proportions and if demographics are anything to go by, in some European countries they will either be the majority or close to it by the end of the 21st century. We only have to listen to the chilling words of Sheikh Muhammad Ayed to understand how dangerous this is. He recently said in a speech at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem that Muslim immigrants should breed with the Europeans to “conquer their countries”. And we are encouraging this through our bleeding liberal hearts”.

3. In a speech in the European Parliament, Nuttall labelled the response of the EU to the refugee crisis as “freedom of movement of Jihad”

In the same speech, made at the height of the humanitarian emergency in September 2015, he stated: “Let me make it clear: what we have in Europe at the moment is not a refugee crisis. It is an economic migrant crisis”.

4. He wants to ban the burqa

Nuttall called for the UK Government to ban the garment in all public buildings on International Women’s Day, 1 March 2016, “whether they claim it’s their ‘religious right’ or not”. In response to Amnesty International’s claim that wearing the burqa is a human right, he claimed “It isn’t. It’s just a piece of material”.

5. Nuttall has called for the NHS to be privatised

Nuttall has called the NHSa monolithic hangover from days gone by”, and stated that: “I would like to see more free markets introduced into the health service, because this is the way we have to go”.

6. He wants a 31% flat rate of tax, meaning the rich pay far less

Nuttall outlined his policy in a 2013 article ironically entitled “UKIP Champions the Working Classes”. The flat tax has since been dumped by Farage in favour of a “two-tier” flat tax which would be "seen to be fairer".

7. He wants prison conditions to be made deliberately worse and the 1967 Criminal Justice Act to be abolished

Nuttall has claimed that “our prisons are far too soft” and has alluded to bringing back “hard labour” for prisoners. He believes that the Criminal Justice Act, which gave “a huge boost for the rights of prisoners”, was a major societal misstep. He also believes in the return of the death penalty, which would make Britain and Belarus – a military dictatorship – the only two countries in Europe that execute prisoners.

8. Nuttall believes climate change is a "hair-brained theory"

Nuttall has also called global warming a money led scam, and has also called for Al Gore’s climate change film “An Inconvenient Truth” to be banned from schools. Nuttall supports investing in fracking rather than wind farms.

9. Was one of only 14 MEPs to vote against a crackdown on the illegal ivory trade

647 MEPs voted in favour of the April 2014 European Parliament resolution, designed to “send a clear signal against worldwide wildlife trafficking”. Of the fourteen MEPS opposing the resolution, six were from UKIP.

10. Opposes same-sex marriage

Need we say any more?

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UKIP Co-Organises “Freedom Award” For European Extreme Right

posted by: David Lawrence | on: Friday, 4 November 2016, 14:01

UKIP has provoked anger in Sweden for its role in arranging an extreme-right networking event, to take place in Stockholm’s Grand Hotel this evening.

The “European Freedom Awards”, organised in conjunction with the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD), indicates a deepening of existing ties between UKIP and the European far right.

The Grand Hotel, Stockholm

The Grand Hotel, Stockholm

Four hundred guests have been invited to the event, including what the SD has called “our friend parties in Europe” and “other parties like us”.

A prize for “increased national autonomy and democracy” will be awarded to former Czech President Vaclav Klaus. Klaus is known for his hostility towards homosexuality and for labelling migration “a method with which to dilute the current European countries.”

Also attending is Mischael Modrikamen, who has been described as Belgium’s Donald Trump, and former Lithuanian President Rolandas Paksas, impeached in 2004 for suspected links to Russian organised crime. Nigel Farage will be representing UKIP at the event.

The most worrying group known to be attending are the event co-organisers the Sweden Democrats. The SD was founded by a former member of Hitler’s SS and had to ban members from wearing Nazi uniforms to its meetings in 1996.

Mattias Karlsson of the Sweden Democrats delivering a talk on migration

Mattias Karlsson of the Sweden Democrats delivering a talk on migration

Despite their extreme platform, UKIP and the SD have enjoyed a cosy relationship since UKIP invited the SD into the newly-formed European Parliament group “Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy” (EFDD) in 2014, alongside an assortment of Holocaust deniers and xenophobes.

Evidence of a social as well as political friendship in Brussels has since surfaced. It has been alleged that UKIP so values its relationship with the SD that it was prepared to abandon an ethnic-minority advisor in Brussels who had filed an official complaint of racial abuse against an SD member.

Further evidence of this troubling relationship was provided when the chairman of the SD’s youth group was guest speaker at the UKIP youth conference in July, receiving a standing ovation for a speech in which he made vile jokes about foreigners.

UKIP has repeatedly denied being a racist party but away from the watching eye of the British public its supposedly principled rejection of the extreme right has proved hollow. UKIP’s continued cooperation helps legitimise far-right movements, extending to them the cover of UKIP’s more mainstream populist image.

UKIP’s role in organising the so called “Freedom Award” in Stockholm tonight also reveals that it is now actively creating opportunities for some of the most alarming reactionaries in Europe to forge ever closer bonds.

Nigel Farage will be representing UKIP at the European Freedom Awards

Nigel Farage will be representing UKIP at the European Freedom Awards

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UKIP Leadership Roundup

posted by: David Lawrence | on: Friday, 28 October 2016, 08:54

Mere months after the highest victory in its history, UKIP has nosedived to its deepest crisis. Steven Woolfe, who quit UKIP after being hospitalised in an altercation with fellow MEP Mike Hookem, has left a party still mired in nasty factional fighting and teetering on the brink of financial ruin. Polls indicate that UKIP’s support has more than halved since the EU referendum. Few could argue with the former leadership favourite that the party has fallen into a “death spiral of their own making”.

The current leadership race, triggered after reluctant new leader Diane James resigned after just eighteen days, offers one final chance for the sinking party to save itself and wriggle free of the legacy of Farage. The new leader will face the Herculean task of unifying UKIP under a new platform that also justifies the party’s continued existence post-Brexit.

Whilst more candidates may yet enter the fray before nominations close on 31 October, the following candidates are confirmed to be standing. The new leader will be announced 28 November.

Paul Nuttall

Paul Nuttall

Former Deptuty Leader Paul Nuttall is UKIP’s highest profile politician after Farage and had always been his obvious successor. Although Nuttall ruled himself out of September’s leadership race, he has now reversed his decision (possibly under pressure from Farage). With widespread support among both party leaders and the grassroots he is probably the only figure capable of uniting UKIP’s warring factions.

Born into a working class family in Merseyside, Nuttall’s affable demeanour masks a canny political mind. Nuttall was the first within UKIP to specifically target disillusioned northern Labour constituencies and has been central to UKIP’s recent growth. Under his guidance the party has also strategically targeted BNP voters.

Nuttall’s appeal stems from his populism. In October 2015 Nuttall declared that the response of the EU to the refugee crisis was “freedom of movement of Jihad” and has since demanded that the British government release details of where refugees in the UK are being housed. He also advocates banning the burqa.

Nuttall’s punitive platform also advocates reinstating the death penalty, increasing prison capacity and dolling out harsher prison sentences. Nuttall is a member of the Campaign Against Political Correctness (CAPS).

His populist streak draws attention away from his Thatcherite aspirations to privatise the NHS, repeal the hunting ban and bring back grammar schools.

Bookies currently have Nuttall on 1/4 odds.

Raheem Kassam

Raheem Kassam

Raheem Kassam is Farage’s former chief of staff and the current London editor of the extreme right-wing “news” outlet Breitbart Media.

Kassam is easily the most divisive of the current candidates, stating stated that “someone needs to go in” to UKIP “with a big stick”. If successful he is likely to lead a purge of Farage’s enemies.

After telling UKIP’s only MP Douglas Carswell to “bugger off”, he has stated that Carswell will be ejected from the party unless he publicly apologises for his disagreements with Farage. He also told fellow leadership candidate Suzanne Evans to “f*** off for good” after her spat with Farage led to her suspension from the party. Evans has recently labelled Kassam “toxic” and “far right”.

Kassam’s twitter account is a reliable stream of foul discriminatory abuse, using the platform to question whether Labour MP Angela Eagle had “special needs”, accusing the BBC of “tranny-pushing” and telling Sky News presenter Kay Burley that she wore “stripper heels”.

Kassam is more radical than even Paul Nuttall, having addressed the first UK rally of Tommy Robinson’s far-right group Pegida and claiming that former BNP members should be allowed to join UKIP on a “case by case” basis. Kassam and his Breitbart propaganda machine are vocal supporters of Donald Trump, modelling his slogan - “Make UKIP Great Again” – on Trump’s controversial campaign.

Despite several allegations of theft, blackmail, extortion and multiple accounts of fraud from former employer The Commentator, Kassam does have the support of UKIP’s influential donor Arron Banks, who is desperate to eject Carswell and Evans from the party.

Kassam is also likely to mobilise the vocal and radically right-wing elements within UKIP’s Young Independents youth movement.

Bookies currently have Kassam on 5/1 odds.

Suzanne Evans

Suzanne Evans

Parliamentary spokesperson Suzanne Evans was once the chosen heir of Farage and fleetingly became leader after he stepped down after the 2015 General Election. A bitter dispute has since erupted between Evans and Farage, and her ensuing suspension led to her disqualification from the summer leadership race. The NEC has now ruled that Evans is allowed to run as a candidate.

Evans is seen as a moderate within UKIP, and has appealed to UKIP to “break free of its hard-right image” and called for more “compassionate, centre-ground” policies. She has however indicated that this would be a “tough centre that controls borders” rather than the “wishy washy” policies of the Liberal Democrats. She supports an Australian-style points system for migrants.

Evans is prone to media blunders, attracting controversy after she claimed the lack of UKIP support in London was because the capital was more “media-savvy and educated”. She also came under fire after blaming the housing shortage on immigration whilst owning two houses herself with a share in a third occupied by her daughter.

Whilst she is a capable politician, having assembled UKIP’s manifesto at the 2015 General Election, her longstanding rift with Farage have made her unpopular with much of the grassroots.

Current bookies odds are at 7/1.

Peter Whittle

Peter Whittle

Peter Whittle is UKIP’s group leader in the London Assembly, current culture spokesman and a former journalist. He also ran for London mayor during the summer and picked up a dismal 3.6% of the vote.

Whittle has previously raised eyebrows when he rallied to defend UKIP candidate who compared gay people to child abusers and labelled same-sex adoption “child trafficking”. Whittle is openly gay himself.

Whilst Whittle is reasonably well-known within London, he remains virtually anonymous outside of the capital.

Bookies have Whittle on 20/1 odds.

John Rees-Evans

John Rees-Evans

John Rees-Evans is a former parliamentary candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth.

Rees-Evans is a minor figure within UKIP and primarily known for his extraordinary claim that a “homosexual donkey” tried to rape his horse, a comment made in response to a question about whether some gay men prefer sex with animals. He recently issued a reluctant apology for this claim.

The defence-obsessed ex-soldier has migrated to Bulgaria, and has given details of his heavily-fortified underground bunker in a bizarre profile in VICE, saying “I prefer to go overboard and cultivate a paranoia that’s not naturally mine”.

The competitive speed pistol shooter also raised eyebrows when he admitted taking a handgun into an IKEA branch in Bulgaria.

Rees-Evans’ chances of success are minute, as remains largely unknown to both party members and the public.

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