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Oxfordshire UKIP Candidate Exposed As Racist Homophobe

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 1 April 2015, 13:06

UKIP has so far failed to build any real momentum in their election campaign, in fact, the only stories in the media relating to UKIP are bad ones.

Over the weekend, we exposed the UKIP Hendon candidate Jeremy Zeid and his rather bizarre Facebook posting that called for US President Barack Obama to be kidnapped by Israel and put on trial.

The Zeid story has had huge coverage, appearing in most of the UK's mainstream newspapers, a number of European ones, several Israeli national publications and has even received a passing condemnation from David Cameron on ITV news.

It has been a bad week for UKIP and we are about to make it an awful lot worse.

At the start of the week UKIP opened its first office in the Oxfordshire market town of Abingdon. Staffed by volunteers, the office is to be used as the campaign headquarters for the various candidates in the area.

UKIP's Oxfordshire parliamentary candidates gathered at the new office along with Diane James MEP for the official opening. One of those present at the low key affair was the UKIP parliamentary candidate for Oxford West & Abingdon, Alan Harris.

Aside from being the parliamentary candidate, Harris is also chairman for the local West Oxford UKIP branch and is considered a rising star within the party.

However, we uncovered racist and homophobic postings on his Facebook page which clearly indicate his unsuitability as a candidate.

Harris appears to have a huge problem with Muslims and Islam. In one posting Harris wrote "A bacon sandwich-a piece of English heritage the fucking Muslims don't want".

Another posting attacked the supermarket chain Morrisons for allegedly not selling poppies so as not to offend Muslims.

Another target for Harris's poison appears to be Romanians & Bulgarians who come to the UK, labelling them as thieves.

Apart from being the rabid racist, Harris is also a homophobe. In one post Harris writes "Why can't I say in my own bloody country black is still a colour and gay are still queers".

As if all of this wasn't enough, just last year Alan Harris shared a story originally posted by the Bolton British National Party.

Alan Harris, yet another racist, homophobic UKIP candidate, finding them is like shooting fish in a barrel.

 Posted: 1 Apr 2015 | There are 13 comments


Comment 1 | From: Ray B | Date: 1 April 2015, 13:11

His literacy level is appalling too. Even if you were a right-wing bigot, why would you vote for candidates who are patently as think as two short planks?

Comment 2 | From: Ray B | Date: 1 April 2015, 13:11

His literacy level is appalling too. Even if you were a right-wing bigot, why would you vote for candidates who are patently as thick as two short planks?

Comment 3 | From: Pat | Date: 1 April 2015, 15:38

Hmmm...I thought Ukip PPC's had gone through vigorous vetting to weed out racists and extremists? With Jeremy Zeid and now this specimen it seems that was all hot air. To quote David Cameron (not something I often do), Ukip really does seem to be full of "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists, mostly".

Comment 4 | From: Paula Sion Moloney | Date: 1 April 2015, 16:46

What a crappy little man,,, and what a crappy little party. Yet another impotent banker getting his moment of fame,, What a twat

Comment 5 | From: Amanda Knopp | Date: 1 April 2015, 17:50

Yes, thick as two short planks to mind. UKIP seem to specialise in racist homophobes

Comment 6 | From: Kathryn Duffus | Date: 1 April 2015, 19:09

Horrible man. I thought this was an April Fools gag at first, but that would have read "UKIP candidate discovered who is not a racist homophobe"!

Comment 7 | From: B31 Antifascist | Date: 2 April 2015, 12:12

Vote UKIP, the NEGATIVE party.

Comment 8 | From: Simon Lynch | Date: 2 April 2015, 20:43

He has claimed he has been hacked, in a very clear statement in the press, "I’m absolutely disgusted. My account has been hacked - again. You know what Facebook is like," http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/generalelection/ukip-candidate-alan-harris-blames-facebook-hack-on-alleged-homophobic-and-antimuslim-comments-10150740.html Maybe you should suggest that he files a complaint with the Police and they get the access records from Facebook? If Mr Harris made this all public would ensure that he is not being unfairly accused. If he has not done so, there is a very clear question as to why he would leave such a crime un-investigated as it is obviously an intent to subvert the electoral process. Please support Mr Harris is his obviously needed quest to make sure he can clear his name by identifying the hackers or at least the IP logs proving the breach.

Comment 9 | From: Wolfie | Date: 3 April 2015, 14:35

If UKIP excluded all the members who'd expressed bigotted opinions from being candidates, they'd have no candidates at all.

Comment 10 | From: UWhat | Date: 14 April 2015, 18:39

Obviously hasn't heard about the MUSLIMS in our Armed Forces and those Afgham civilians who worked as Pashtun translators who have been left behind and are now targets if attack.

Comment 11 | From: Nick Murray | Date: 20 April 2015, 14:10

UKIP - the BNP in Brogues.

Comment 12 | From: footsore | Date: 23 April 2015, 16:57

I am a voter in this constituency and it saddens me a great deal that this 'man' has taken it upon himself to preach his vile hate here (or anywhere!). I note he has blamed this on 'hackers', another case of the time traveling hackers that the victims don't seem to want bringing to justice. So he is a racist, a bigot, homophobic and a coward who spews this vile and then runs away from the consequence. I am just waiting for him to knock on my door. I may even take a trip into town for a chat and see what he makes of this gay single mother on benefits due to disability...

Comment 13 | From: iMatt | Date: 4 May 2015, 17:51

So Fararge says anyone from he BNP, NF or EDL can't join his party. Well, well, well. ukip supporters forever insist this is the case. However, the above articles show this to be blatantly untrue. Can we expect an apology from Farage? Of course, he and his supporters say Labour and the Tories have racist elements within their ranks too. However, ukip does seem to punch well above it's weight in the bigotry stakes. Not to mention that ukip and the BNP seem natural bedfellows. After all the BNP did want to make a formal pact with ukip a few years ago.

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