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UKIP Would Be MP Calls For The Kidnapping Of President Obama

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 28 March 2015, 18:44

A UKIP parliamentary candidate has called for the kidnapping of US President Barack Obama.

Jeremy Zeid, UKIP parliamentary candidate for the Hendon constituency made the bizarre demand in a posting on his Facebook page.

The posting by Zeid was in response to a story that he shared on Facebook regarding secret documents supposedly about Israel's nuclear capability.

Zeid, who is also the chairman of the UKIP Harrow branch posted " Once Obama is out of office, the Israelis should move to extradite the bastard or "do an Eichmann" on him, and lock him up for leaking state secrets. After all what's sauce for the Pollard goose is sauce for the Obama gander, don't you think? "

The UKIP man then added " nah, just kidnap the bugger, like they did to Eichman, who suddenly found that he'd woken up in Israel. The problem is that Israeli jails are far more humane and adherent to human rights than American ones."

Zeid is no stranger to controversy, last year he claimed on Twitter that parts of London are being ‘ethnically cleansed’ of white people and wrote " the almost absence of white faces in Ilford is worrying". and accused the local MP Mike Gapes of being " either blind to or deliberately complicit in the ethnic cleansing of Ilford which I’m sure will be called ‘racist"


 Posted: 28 Mar 2015 | There are 5 comments


Comment 1 | From: Pat | Date: 28 March 2015, 19:19

This guy is a former Tory councillor in Harrow and frequently calls into London talk radio stations as "Jeremy from Harrow". His contributions have been getting more and more right wing in recent years. No surprise he's in Ukip.

Comment 2 | From: B31 Antifascist | Date: 28 March 2015, 19:47

I'm forever making comparisons with what UKIP are saying now and what the BNP said at the time of the last election. 'Love Britain, Vote UKIP/BNP' is an example. It's obvious just whose former voters UKIP are after. Now, Mr.Zeid is showing us how much UKIP are more interested in dubiously cosying up to the American far Right than speaking up for the UK working classes.

Comment 3 | From: Jonathan | Date: 31 March 2015, 00:29

UKIP's more 'Professional and wealthier' supporters and candidates are demonstrating that UKIP has much in common with the Klu Klux Klan and other American Far Right groups calling for harm to President Obama. Much of this goes under the radar of the British mainstream press who prefer to focus on UKIP's other branch of racists those like Janice Atkinson a former UKIP MEP. Its not surprising Mr Zeid has taken down his Facebook page containing these comments. I hope the Metropolitan Police or at least the American government take an interest in Mr Zeid and UKIP before it escalates.

Comment 4 | From: snaz | Date: 31 March 2015, 11:51

The Indi picked up this story today reporting wider comments by Zeid. Zeid comments argue that because Obama 'revealed state secrets' he should be kidnapped like Eichman. Zeid's proposal escalates the comparative rules of international justice to into one of a sordid anarchy. The kidnapping of Eichman was extraordinarily well thought out because it was understood that it would be on display via a show trial to the world and would be teaching the world a lesson about humanity. Kidnapping Obama would be seen as a profound provocation and most probably as an act of war. Obama revealing Israel's nuclear arm programme is for most an act of human integrity. Zeid displays correctly how essentially fascist men like himself if escalated to positions of real power simply have no ability to act coherently except through brutal and war mongering gestures and schemes which make his proposals similar to the type favoured by the Nazis. It's further interesting he identifies with Je suis Charlie, sighting himself is under attack in the same manner as Charlie whilst proposing international acts of terrorism and war because Obama revealed a nuclear arm programme. Charlie would never have identified with wanting to suppress this kind of story. Again typical of the far right to invert and distort left wing symbols of freedom into perverse parodies when applied to their own side. As far as talking about the ethnic cleaning of whites from areas. Again by focusing on trying to be so linguistically clever and perplexing he fails to notice how he quite willingly in the same breath seeks to fan the flames of racial hatred and unrest and ignite anti-white racist feelings where they did not exist. Beware the perniciousness of men like this.

Comment 5 | From: Tony | Date: 31 March 2015, 15:55

United Kingdom Idiot's Party more like than Independence! Yet another loopy comment from a Kipper!

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