In Italy, a Neo-Fascist Party’s Small Win Creates Big Unease

When a candidate for a neo-fascist party, CasaPound, won a seat this month on the municipal council of the Roman suburb of Ostia, many Italians…

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Nick Griffin launches massive attack on the alt-right

Earlier this year I had the (dubious) pleasure of being surrounded in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, by a host of old and new, uniformed alt-…

16/11/2017 - Matthew Collins
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Whatever Happened To ….. Part VII

As part of an entirely irregular series of catch-up’s with members of the far-right we have not heard about in a while, we endeavour to…

15/11/2017 - Matthew Collins
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The curious tale of Stephen Lennon’s “charity” partnership

Last night an online “news” outlet called The London Post breathlessly announced that Stephen Yaxley-Lennon had been appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador to an arts charity….

14/11/2017 - Sarah Archibald
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