Polish ‘hate-hop’ heading to the UK

⚡ UPDATE: Following our revelations, the venue booked in Hackney Wick has contacted us and confirmed it has now cancelled this hate-peddling gig. Polish author Rafał Ziemkiewicz…

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English Defence League
EDL infighting continues

The English Defence League (EDL) continues to tear what remains of itself apart with bitter infighting. Things came to a head last month when the…

09/02/2018 - Matthew Collins
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Osborne apologists swiftly emerge from far right

It took the jury less than an hour to determine that Darren Osborne was guilty of the Finsbury Park terrorist attack. Apologists and even supporters…

02/02/2018 - Sarah Archibald
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A quick lesson about Eddie for the new football gang on the block

There was much excitement and warbling last year when the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) formed in response to the terror attacks that rocked Britain. The…

24/01/2018 - Duncan Cahill
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