Mosque occupiers convicted in symbolic blow to anti-Muslim movement

Five activists from the French branch of the anti-Muslim and anti-migrant Generation Identity (GI) movement were convicted on Thursday for their role in the occupation…

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Trump retweets UK far-right extremist

  While still small, Britain First is the most prolific anti-Muslim street movement in the UK, best known for its extreme, controversial and confrontational actions,…

29/11/2017 - Patrik Hermansson
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EXPOSED: Breitbart writer’s vile racist group

As we can exclusively reveal, frequent Breitbart contributor Jack Hadfield acts as an administrator of the right-wing “free speech” Facebook group the Young Right Society (YRS),…

23/11/2017 - Charlie Prentice
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HOPE not hate explains… The Cult of Kek

The meme, like the Alternative Right as a whole, is simultaneously utterly puerile and dangerous. Both wings of the broader Alternative Right – the ‘Western…

15/11/2017 - David Lawrence
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