HOPE not hate explains… The Cult of Kek

The meme, like the Alternative Right as a whole, is simultaneously utterly puerile and dangerous. Both wings of the broader Alternative Right – the ‘Western…

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HNH explains… How the alt-right is funded

While most Alternative Right activists are not open with their identity and are only active on online forums and social media in their free-time, there…

06/11/2017 - Patrik Hermansson
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HNH explains… The Identitarian Movement and the Alt-Right

The international Identitarian movement started in France with the launch of Génération Identitaire (Generation Identity, or GI) which was the youth wing of the far-right…

31/10/2017 - Joe Mulhall
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Richard Spencer bound for Europe

Spencer, who has advocated forced sterilisation and “peaceful ethnic cleansing” to protect European culture, is due to speak at Identitarian Ideas X –  one of…

30/10/2017 - David Lawrence
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