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No platform protest
The Mutation of No-Platforming
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Protesters in Brixton's Windrush Square last month
Windrush, hostile environment policies and shifting attitudes to immigration
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Hating, dating, and procreating: online dating and the alt-right

The racist alt-right is, crucially, a movement seeking esteem and status for resentful white men who believe they have been sidelined in modern society. The…

20/05/2018 - David Lawrence
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GUILTY: London Forum’s Jez Turner Convicted of Inciting Racial Hatred

UPDATE: Turner has been sentenced to 12 months Self-described fascist Jeremy Bedford-Turner (Jez Turner), figurehead of the Forum Network and its central London Forum branch,…

14/05/2018 - Charlie Prentice
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Jim Dowson: the ‘invisible man’ of the far right and the Kosovo connection

We can reveal that Knights Templar International (KTI), the organisation created and housed in Hungary by far-right svengali and Britain First founder Jim Dowson, attempted last…

01/05/2018 - Matthew Collins
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Sarah Rutlan Football Lads Alliance

Is the Football Lads leadership change a home fix?

The news that Football Lads Alliance (FLA) founder John Meighan had stepped down as leader caused immediate ructions. I reported last week how far-right charity…

23/04/2018 - Sarah Archibald
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