HOPE not hate stands in full solidarity with those taking a stand against police brutality and white supremacy. We join those who say loudly, angrily and with resolve that Black Lives Matter. Over the next few months we will raise money for organisations fighting racism whenever we can. We will encourage supporter education, with podcasts and articles that we think are interesting and useful. We will use our research resources to monitor online hate and transatlantic networks that will seek to intervene in the US elections with their hatred and lies, and we will put pressure on politicians here to take a stand against the politics of hate.
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Text which says "State of hate 2020. Far right terror goes global" with a picture of a balaclava at the bottom
State of Hate 2020
Coronavirus and the far right
Coronavirus: find out what we're doing
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British Far-Right Seek to Reframe and Exploit The Killing of George Floyd

With America now entering its ninth day of protests following the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer, the whole world is watching…

03/06/2020 - Joe Mulhall
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Coronavirus and the far right


As we are approaching the end of the ninth week of the lockdown the far right has started to turn their eyes towards other issues…

29/05/2020 - Right Response Team
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‘Real BNP’ threatens to fail even more than the real BNP

Last month the website of the British National Party (BNP) went off line for just short of a week. This led to muffled excitement that…

25/03/2020 - Matthew Collins
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Alice Cutter: Tears and hatred

Nazi terrorists jailed

Last week the total of National Action members imprisoned for membership of the banned group rose again with four members of the group jailed at…

23/03/2020 - Matthew Collins
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