State of Hate 2021

State of HATE 2021 - the leading annual report outlining the key trends and changes in the domestic and international far right – details how the last year of pandemic has sped up the evolution of the British far right into a digitally networked threat.

This year’s report, which surveys the tumultuous impact of 2020, is being produced against the backdrop of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a massive increase in visibility of, and support for, conspiracy theories, and an uprising over racial justice.

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Coronavirus: the state of the nation
Economic impact of COVID on BAME communities
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Riots: Northern Ireland on the brink
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Regulating online harm: our recommendations
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2021 Elections: An Overview

This includes roughly 5,000 positions across 143 local councils, 129 members of the Scottish Parliament, 60 members of the Welsh Senedd, 25 London Assembly members,…

09/04/2021 - Right Response Team
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The Sabmyk Network: How a mysterious disinformation network is hijacking QAnon

The QAnon community is in a period of immense change. The conspiracy theory-turned-cult is built upon the idea that Donald Trump is destined to defeat…

12/02/2021 - Gregory Davis
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Riotous Assembly

As some of the worst riots for years grip Northern Ireland, Matthew Collins reflects on the tensions rising in the troubled province.

15/04/2021 - Matthew Collins
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Far Right Roundup

Facebook decided last week to finally put former British National Party (BNP) bad boy Mark Collett out of everyone’s misery and remove him and his…

15/02/2021 - Matthew Collins
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