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The People Vs The 'Elite'? State of Hate 2019
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Qari Asim
Qari Asim: We will not let terrorists succeed
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Lida Käyhkö: The fight against fascism must have feminist politics at its heart
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New Zealand Mosque Shooter: What We Know

The terrorist who carried out the attack is a far-right activist who cites numerous themes and statements popular with far right and alt-right figures around…

15/03/2019 - Right Response Team
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New Lows: Arron Banks’ campaigning after Jo Cox’s death

Channel 4 has revealed that Arron Banks, head of the unofficial Brexit campaign Leave.EU, told his campaigners to “keep pumping” propaganda the morning following the…

09/03/2019 - David Lawrence
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Nazi gig set for Newcastle

Neo-nazis are heading to Newcastle later this month. They’ve been told to meet at a wine lodge in the city centre from 1600hrs on 16th…

08/03/2019 - Duncan Cahill
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Plans for nothing come to the fore

Larry Nunn is a man born after his time. He longs for a time when the white man was the most important and powerful being…

06/03/2019 - Matthew Collins
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