It is incredibly likely that when politicians return to parliament in October, they will call a general election.

We must stop the Brexit party from getting a toehold on power by winning any seats at all.

That’s why we’ve launched our General Election Fighting Fund – to spend the next month getting ready to take on the Brexit party using leaflets, direct mailshots, targeted social media advertising and more.

Help us do it. Donate now.

a picture of Nigel Farage giving a speech with Brexit Party logo in the background
Brexit Party Exposed
Why we should be worried
Boris Johnson pointing whilst giving a speech
Opposing no-deal Brexit
Why we're campaigning
a graphic which says "Banners to Bullets: The International Identitarian Report"
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Tolerating intolerance: Far-right activists and libertarians converge in Turkey

An international libertarian conference highlights the movement’s overlaps with the far right

13/09/2019 - Patrik Hermansson
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No Holiday for Hate

Despite being the time of year when most choose to wind down, propagators of far right, radical right and divisive, conspiratorial ideas continue to convene in Europe, the US and elsewhere

06/09/2019 - Simon Murdoch
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Far-Right Roundup

Outrage and paranoia greeted last week’s blog about the activities of the London Brigade of the Ulster Defence Association (UDA). According to those in their…

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‘Nazi Boy’ Collett forms new Nazi party

Back in 2017 we asked whether ‘Nazi Boy’ was about to launch a political party of his own. No party materialised and Collett continued sniping…

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