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Nick's blog: The British are turning their backs on Brexit
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Tommy Robinson: a violent, far-right racist
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The Alt-Right Since Charlottesville

Announced in the context of escalating violence at alt-right events, Unite the Right was intended to be the moment that the primarily online-based movement demonstrated that its…

20/08/2018 - Right Response Team
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Generation Identity UK suffers splits following Nazi revelations

Generation Identity (GI)’s summer camp in France didn’t turn out quite as the far-right movement had hoped. Instead of establishing a strategy for the coming…

14/08/2018 - Right Response Team
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Leeds’ ‘Little Tommy’ looks to follow his leader

It seems the Stephen Yaxley-Lennon Fan Club has found its #1 devotee. Stepping up to the podium is Leeds’ Adam McDonagh, a sort of Little…

17/08/2018 - Duncan Cahill
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Far-right round up

Well, it was three years to the day yesterday since the mighty National Action cowered inside the left luggage at Liverpool’s Lime Street Station. Oh,…

16/08/2018 - Matthew Collins
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