Football, antifascism and protest

Heroes of the Terraces is a new publication from the HOPE not hate Charitable Trust which celebrates those who have used football to take a stand against division and hate, in the game and in society.

Heroes tells the stories of those clubs that have antifascism running through their DNA, and that when fascist regimes have tried to use football to win support for their murderous regimes, players and supporters, often at huge personal risk, refused to obey.

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Demonstranten der Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) halten am 02.09.2013 Plakate auf einer Demonstration in Düsseldorf (Nordrhein-Westfalen) hoch. Die Eurokritiker der AfD hoffen auf den Einzug in den Bundestag. Foto: Jan-Philipp Strobel/dpa +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++
The Radical Right in the German Federal Election
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Fear and Hope: Wales
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Online Harms: Our response
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Image of woman peeling adhesive tape off her mouth

New Report: Free Speech For All: Why Legal But Harmful Content Should Continue to Be Included in the Online Safety Bill

This collaborative report brings together a host of leading NGOs and think tanks to explain why legislation is required to effectively deal with the issue…

03/09/2021 - Joe Mulhall
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Man looking at phone which is emitting a cascade of Facebook branded F blocks

New Report: The Radical Right and Paid-For Facebook Advertising in Germany

This report examines the role of paid-for Facebook advertising across all parties in the Bundestag and compares the parties spending with that of radical right…

25/08/2021 - Right Response Team
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The Bizarre and dangerous rituals of Patriotic Alternative & a cucumber for the National Front

One of the most active (and bizarre) far right group’s active in Britain is Mark Collett’s Patriotic Alternative, though I prefer to call it Patriotic…

13/09/2021 - Matthew Collins
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The Singles are ready to mingle

The involvement and influence of far-right activists in the anti-lockdown/anti-vaccine/Covid denial movement is becoming ever clearer. Among those emerging from this murky sub-culture are none…

08/09/2021 - Duncan Cahill
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