Stephen Lennon wants to visit the US to raise money, and his profile. His criminal convictions are keeping him out. Tell the US: keep the ban in place.
Stephen Lennon's visit to America BLOCKED
LAMP - Monitoring, analysing and challenging prejudice and hate
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an image of an eye. it's pupils resembles the English flag
Fear, Hope and Loss Report – launch
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Stephen Lennon US visit blocked

Stephen Lennon’s planned US trip, an expected money-maker, has been blocked following a campaign by HOPE not hate, backed from MPs across the political spectrum….

13/11/2018 - Simon Murdoch
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Fascism On The March In Warsaw

By 10am the streets around the Palace of Culture and Science, the vast brick edifice that towers over central Warsaw, had already begun to throng…

12/11/2018 - Joe Mulhall
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Far-right Roundup

It’s been a while since we mentioned Paul Golding’s shower, Britain First. Yes, the once formidable internet sensation has been rather quiet in actual Britain,…

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Far Right Roundup

Wrong coloured hoods’ Much ado but not about nothing- but about morons in white hoods in Northern Ireland over Halloween. Now, before Mumble and Bumble…

05/11/2018 - Matthew Collins
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