Andrew Brons & Paul Weston

Andrew Brons & Paul Weston

It seems Paul Weston, leader of The British Freedom Party has attended a secret meeting with isolated BNP MEP Andrew Brons and former BNP Economic spokesman Andrew Moffat held in a spirit of “Nationalist Unity”.

Brons has also recently published a long and rambling article by Weston on his BNP Ideas website.

The MEP has held meetings with a whole host of individuals from a variety of far right organisations including The National Front, The England First Party and the openly Nazi British Peoples Party.

British Freedom under the leadership of Weston formed an alliance with the English Defence League in November last year, with the possibility of EDL activists standing as candidates under the BFP ticket this summer.

It is not clear if EDL leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon is aware of the meeting of minds between Weston and Brons, but it is unlikely to be something Lennon would advocate, following his recent demand that EDL supporters stop carrying BNP placards at the EDL’s demo in Hyde just last month.