Dale Oakley's Facebook Page

Dale Oakley’s Facebook Page

Following Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon’s rather embarrassing appearance on the BBC’s “The Big Questions” this morning, one of the guests accused the EDL of being a violent organisation and brought up the recent court case, where Hope not Hate revealed that the four youths guilty of a violent attack on four Asian teenagers were in fact EDL members.

You can read our coverage here.

The four thugs were all jailed after they attacked the two Asians in Dewsbury. One of the attackers, Melvin Watts slashed one of the victims face with a knife.

We also wrote how one of the attackers, Dale Oakley comes from a background of Neo Nazism, with both of his parents being sent to prison in the past for stirring up racial hatred on a far right website.

Lennon demanded proof that Oakley and his violent mates were EDL supporters,Well we are always happy to oblige Tommy, so here you go.