Tommy Robinson: White Lines, Don't Do It.

Tommy Robinson: White Lines, Don’t Do It.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is a little bit miffed with Hope not Hate and EDL News at the moment after we revealed his secret plan to become British Freedom’s deputy leader at the EDL’s Luton demonstration on May 5th.

One other British Freedom official who is a little annoyed with us is Cardiff based Michael Wood, who as usual chooses to try and cram in as many swear words as possible in the 140 characters allowed on his Twitter account.

That’s quite a difficult task for someone with such a limited vocabularly.

According to Lennon, he has been invited to appear on the Jeremy Kyle Show along with British Freedom leader Paul Weston.

The Jeremy Kyle Show, normally has guests on who are drunken,violent, drug taking criminals.

Tommy will fit in nicely then.