Saturday's near riot in Manchester, when former English Defence League (EDL) leader Stephen Lennon brought drunken hooliganism back like a long lost plague to a British city, is bad news for the group he formed and once led.

Anthony Craggs with Kevin Carroll

Anthony Craggs with Kevin Carroll

According to media reports, a teenager was taken to hospital when his hair was set alight by English Defence League supporters who attacked an anti-Jubilee party in Newcastle at the weekend.

The teenager was allegedly hit by a burning firework thrown during the clash at Grey’s Monument where EDL,NF & NEI supporters attacked a peaceful protest against the Jubilee.

The teenager was taken to Newcastle Freeman Hospital for treatment to burns suffered when the explosive hit his face and landed in his hood.

Footage captured by Sky TV clearly show a member of the far right light a firework and throw it in the direction of the anti Jubilee supporters.

Sky’s footage can be viewed here.

Fireworks are often used by the EDL at their protests as a method of intimidation, although the EDL leadership often deny this to be the case.

Today, we can reveal that the person caught on video is an EDL activist from Chester Le Street in County Durham named Anthony Craggs.

Craggs is a regular face at EDL events and has even been photographed with EDL leaders Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon and Kevin Carroll.

We have passed the relevant details onto Northumbria police.

Craggs wearing same top caught on Sky video.

Craggs wearing same top caught on Sky video.