Peter Rushton (Black Jacket)

Peter Rushton (Black Jacket)

The National Front made a mockery of Remembrance Sunday last weekend by allowing a known Holocaust denier to join their ranks.

Rushton is one of Britain’s leading Holocaust deniers and has links to nazi groups across Europe and antisemites in the Middle East. He was previously involved in the BNP but was expelled by Nick Griffin in 2002. He is currently deputy editor of Mark Cotterill’s magazine Heritage and Destiny. He is also an employee of Press TV, a 24-hour English language news network operated by the government owned broadcaster Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).

Press TV has been frequently linked to claims of antisemitism and in January this year had its UK licence to broadcast revoked by Ofcom following a serious breach of UK broadcasting rules. Rushton, a former leading member of the White Nationalist Party, appears on a regular basis on the controversial station and is referred to as a ” Historian and political commentator.”

Marching just behind Rushton is veteran nazi apologist and Holocaust denier Richard Edmonds.

The National Front obviously missed the irony of marching alongside a leading mouthpiece for The Islamic Republic of Iran.