Shameless: Thank God it's the last episode

Shameless: Thank God it’s the last episode

Well, Manchester is somewhat quieter than it was earlier today.

The EDL came, as did the others little gangs of fascists who have split from them, but all in all it’s hard to see what they achieved.

About 600 fascists were in Manchester but not all of them marched. Many stayed in pubs, and Liverpool EDL decided to start a fight at the train station with themselves which unsurprisingly, they lost too.

Yes, it was bigger than any other demo they’ve had in a while, but it also serves as a reminder to those among their number that may have forgotten, that all they ever do is get drunk, fight, get lost, get arrested and make complete idiots of themselves.

They talk a lot about their “rights” and their right to protest, but they then assault journalists and photographers because they claim they get a bad press. Not only therefore does the EDL need its collective mouth washed out with soap, it also needs a simple lesson perhaps, in PR.

15 arrests so far.




Idiots: Pray for England..

Idiots: Pray for England..