Tonight's conference

Tonight’s conference

The news conference being held by the former leaders of the EDL is quite interesting.

They have attacked their former funder Alan Ayling (aka Lake) as being “tight” while US based Muslim-hater Pam Geller is credited with keeping Lennon’s family afloat while he was in prison.

At the same time, as he was in prison for passport fraud, Lennon claims that Nazis tried to take over the EDL. I think many people would query his time line.

As we have written previouly, he admits that it was only the murder of Lee Rigby that drew him back into the EDL. The EDL, claims Lennon, has been “part of the problem, not the solution.” It sure is nice to know he reads our blogs.

Both he and his cousin Kevin Carroll have decided that street protests are counter-productive, that they had a “shelf life”. When asked if he would aologise for terrorising Muslims, Lennon replied “I sincerely apologise, I don’t for one minute feel proud of my actions that may have scared people.”

In EDL land, what is left of the group has gone further into melt down with the news coming out of the conference.

The good news for Robert Spencer and Pam Geller is that the two former leaders have not turnd their back on them, yet. The Quilliam Foundation, who brokered this “defection”, were rightly less charitable towards the pair.

Carroll, who has recently taken to wearing a Christian cross on his lapel described the decisionby he and his cousin as an “enormous leap of faith.”

I think you’ll find that is for others to do, Kevin.