Far-right round up

The far-right will finish a year of demise, destruction and debauchery tonight when the English Defence League (EDL) hold a New Year’s Eve protest in Luton.
The protest was originally going to be outside of the Islamic Centre, but the EDL were horrified to be told the Islamic Centre had

31/12/2014 - Matthew Collins
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EDL: The battle that still rages

It’s been just over a year since Stephen Lennon (Tommy Robinson) quit the English Defence League (EDL).
Things were not great when he left, they’ve been little better since. Lennon headed off to prison for mortgage fraud soon after, and the running of the organisation fell into the hands of one

22/12/2014 - Matthew Collins
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Idiots on the idiot box

A documentary is due out in the New Year about one of the most spectacularly useless far-right groups in the history of the British far-right.
The South East Alliance (SEA), is led by Paul Prodromou, an angry racist who had to anglicise his name to fit in with his fellow

22/12/2014 - Matthew Collins
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BNP porn baron lays into Juvenile Jack

Nothing gives you an idea about the quality of the British National Party’s (BNP) membership than an interview with their London regional organiser Steve Squire, the man who sells date rape drugs and porn videos from a seedy shop in Soho.
Squire is doing the interview to prove the BNP is

21/12/2014 - Matthew Collins
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