“United”: Far-right thugs come together to share one braincell

Well, the EDL battered each other and threw bottles at the police in Slough today. Reports in the national and local media will do nothing for Hel Gower’s shares in the organisation.

The British National Party (BNP) were out in force in Wytheshawe, when it appears they were attacked by the Darby and Joan club- or a blue rinsed brigade from UKIP, depending on who you believe.

Renshaw: Bragging to his chums

Renshaw: Bragging to his chums

The BNP’s boy wonder, the rather disturbed Jack Renshaw of Manchester University infamy has been claiming that the BNP was attacked by a mob of angry “reds”.

Few people will believe little Jackie, because he has actually been bragging elsewhere about the BNP harassing UKIP leader Nigel Farage, without a mention of the supposed attack on him by mythical Stalinists’.

Jackanory: He couldn't lie straight in his empty bed

Jackanory: He couldn’t lie straight in his empty bed

Never mind.

Elsewhere, a combination of drug dealers, Walter Mittys and people Jim Dowson cannot con into joining Britain First formed the “United British Patriots”, a coalition of former EDL members.

It’ll last about a week.