Poor “Pitt”: An angry Prodromou tries to rally his troops

Tempers flared between fascists today as their planned march up Whitehall ended in disaster and acrimony, with many being chased away by anti-fascists.

The march was under the banner of the English Volunteer Force (EVF), but on the ground it was mainly British National Party (BNP) and South East Alliance (SEA) losers who were meant to bolster the numbers as a show of unified strength.

Trouble flared soon after the group decided to try and march towards Trafalgar Square-where their march was supposed to actually start from a pen the police had arranged for them in Whitehall.

After being confronted by a smaller but more hearty group of anti-fascists and stopped from proceeding any further, about fifty of the marchers decided to go to the pub instead of marching. A furious Paul Prodromou, who leads the SEA, then decided he would lead the remaining fifty into a head-on clash with anti-fascists, but soon ended up in the pub himself begging people to join him in a street brawl. There was somewhat of a heated discussion as most present at the pub were clearly not impressed by his bawling and complaining.

Instead, they all ended up marching back together to their pen in Whitehall. From there, the rally turned to farce as nobody could hear the speakers ranting and raving.

This disaster will only strengthen the rival gangs of the English Defence League (EDL) and Britain First, neither of which joined this rag tag today. Both sides are already crowing that this is a bigger flop of a march than even Prodromou’s “ten thousand man” disaster in Woolwich last year.

The fifteen strong BNP contingent, led by a pornographer and a Madonna impersonator, left before the march even started!

Tiny: But they'll say this was thousands...

Tiny: But they’ll say this was thousands…