Renshaw: Thunderbird double and Nazi

Renshaw: Thunderbird double and Nazi

I can’t recall how many times I’ve blogged about the juvenile nuisance that is Jack Renshaw. He is the self-proclaimed expert on everything (except women, apparently). Jack’s mission is to save the white race and to protect it from homosexuals, feminism, Muslim taxi drivers, non-whites and over-friendly animals. Why, he even threatened to disown his potentially gay dog he’s so straight.

Jack is a big admirer of the fallen Fuhrer Nick Griffin and has joined him in the “nationalist hub” Griffin has created to copy the work of Britain First.

Like a lot of people who came through the British National Party (BNP) in the past few years, Jack has been schooled in the fine art of Nazism. It was people like Jack that Griffin hoped would save him and the party.

One of the most important factors for the survival of the white race is knowing how to hate Jews. You must really, really, really hate them. Jack has finally caught on, and to earn brownie points with his fellow brownshirts (who occasionally query his mettle) he was written something rather unpleasant that is likely to land him in hot water.

Jack's dangerous Jew-hating rant

Jack’s dangerous Jew-hating rant

I don’t normally repeat the vile nonsesnse of the far-right, but this one is particularly disturbing and people may wish to see it to actually beleieve it. It reads like something out of a copy of Mein Fuhrer written for and by children.

Now Jack is in all of a quandary. He’s been warned by rather wise counsel that he could face a spell in prison for his antisemitic ranting’s, but he is scared to take it down off a website in case people think he is some sort of coward.

And who should be advising Jack not to remove his vile rant? None other than Garron Helm, the idiot who has only just got out of prison for his own stupidity.

It’s not for me to break a confidence and reveal exactly how Garron spent the time when he was inside.

But either way, Jack, I think you may be in for a bit of bird and not the sort of “bird” like the one in the North East you’ve been stalking of late.

Jack: Starting a war from behind the door

Jack: Starting a war from behind the door