DJ Davey in happier times

The far right are never shy of a conspiracy theory and dippy DJ Davey Russell never one to whisper his concerns when can instead launch into a high volume expletive-laden rant. The toxic combination of the two creates the kind of firework show not seen since the closing ceremony of the Bejing Olympics.

Yesterday my colleague Matthew Collins reported how, following a tip-off from HOPE Not Hate, Southend bar O’Neill’s cancelled a supposed Help For Heroes charity event organised by Russell. O’Neill’s Pubs tweeted “As soon as we found out it was connected to the EDL we cancelled the booking.” Help For Heroes also confirmed they had no knowledge of the event.

The cancellation caused Russell’s state of permanent and sweary indignation to reach new heights. But his spit flecked anger was not directed at HOPE Not Hate. Instead his Essex spleen was vented towards one time EDL speaker and former cell mate of Reggie Kray, Pete Gillett. Apparently it was him, not us, who was to blame for exposing this charade.

Daft Davey used the cancellation to continue an ongoing and increasingly bitter feud with Gillett. This has been fought out on Facebook through the medium of furiously foamy and interminably lengthy videos. We won’t go into details because the allegations could not be more serious – the word “nonce” features strongly – and it’s our view that this is a matter for the police, not trial by Facebook followers.

Davey is now in such a paranoiac state that he’s convinced it’s Gillett that contacted the pub to let them know the true nature of the “charity” do. Indeed he says he has a source to back up this allegation, a doorman used by the pub. A doorman who, we can reveal, is also associated with the EDL.

Davey’s mate is probably none too happy that his identity and support have been exposed. After all, his apparently loose lips and political affiliations may well be frowned upon by the Security Industry Authority which licences the UK’s door men and women.

That’s the thing with Davey though. He loves to gob off, regardless of consequences. That no doubt in part explains his lengthy criminal record, one that he felt compelled to detail in a bizarre hour-long video last week, again as part of his feud with Gillett. One of those many convictions was for “use of racially threatening/abusive/insulting words behaviour likely to cause alarm/harassment/distress” – being a gobby racist in layman’s speak.

Davey, a man of convictions.