National Action founder Ben Raymond

Further to our exclusive expose of Ben Raymond’s new “Nationalist Socialist Network” (NSN) we can reveal that the first flag-wavers for his “fluid movement” appeared in Scotland on Saturday.

Distinctive yellow flags bearing the Norse Yggdrasil ‘Tree of life’ symbol were hoisted above a tiny protest organised by the Scottish Defence League in Alloa.

Post-National Action flag-bearers


Designed by Raymond the flag represents Scottish Dawn, the first – and given our earlier revelations possibly the last – in a series of groups supposedly set to form Raymond’s Nazi network.

HOPE Not Hate found the flag design among a library of images created by Raymond to which we gained access as part of our earlier expose.

Library shot.

That Raymond’s distinctive flag with was waved by masked followers who looked and behaved no differently to National Action will be a cause of concern.

Indeed the Counter Terrorism Unit is no doubt taking more than a passing interest in those flying that fascist flag given the tightening up last year of the Terrorism Act.

A troubling start to the weekend for Raymond then. Things probably seemed much rosier at the weekend as he enjoyed a little weekend recreation in Lithuania, befgore returning to the UK to discover his secret re-branding plan was no longer quite so secret.

Meanwhile Saturday’s shenanigans proved yet again how little appetite exists for the fascist agenda promoted by Raymond and his ideological partners. At least four groups – two of them English – took part in a demo that attracted less than 40 fascists, none of whom could work the PA.