Kevin gives the Poles his bed sheet as a gift




One of the most active far-right groups in Britain is the Polish Nazi group, Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski (“National Rebirth of Poland” – NOP).

We have written about them quite a few times in the last couple of years (though at the moment I don’t seem to be able to link to any past blogs about them.)  Not only are they the most active group, their literature, which is often in English, has better spelling and grammar than that of their British counterparts.

While they have been domiciled in the UK, the group have been mostly close to the National Front (NF) and National Action.  The National Front’s bespectacled and self-delcared ‘boy wonder’ Kevin Layzell (of former British National Party youth video infamy) has made a huge effort to ingratiate himself with the Poles- apparently they love nothing more than visiting his Mother’s Essex home for Marmite sandwiches while Kevin prances around in what he thinks is English national costume to amuse them.

The NOP: Bigger and uglier than the NF, but also with better English grammar and spelling


There’s no doubt that the Poles are a lot harder and tougher than their British counterparts, too. They recently joined up with the hooligan gang Pie & Mash to attack an Anarchist squat in central London, and were also partly responsible for giving Combat 18 leader Wilf Browning a fat lip after a gig in Dagenham a couple of months back.

Layzell: No, we have no idea why he does it, either


Now Layzell (who describes himself as “full time public speaker, which is code for “unemployable”) has announced that the NOP’s leader Adam Gmurczyk has been made an “honorary member” of the National Front, Britain’s longest running fascist party and quite possibly its most idiotic, criminal and divided. The leader of the Poles has even been on a trip to Britain this last week- in some woods behind Layzell’s Mother’s house it appears, to collect a tatty old flag. Never mind, we’re sure Layzell otherwise entertained his Polish friends by prancing around in English national costume while his mum made tea.

The whole thing got young Mr Layzell very excited. So, whilst also writing about himself in the third person, Layzell assures the rest of the NF:

it has reconfirmed our assurance that we are not alone in this fight for our nation and that we can teach strategies and discuss ideas of what works for various communities and countries to further benefit our own struggle here.

We’re not really sure how it will go down with the brethren, but as the NF can barely leave the house these days without their thuggish, Polish escort, I guess the rest of the NF will have to just accept it.


Yes, it looks like an enormous, smelly movement


I really dunno, though. Bloody Polish Nazis, coming over here, taking free places in our Nazi parties. Where will it end?