Andrew Edge to take toothless campaign to the Beeb

Edge (right) in Crewe last week being a bit of a plonker




Last week we followed the activities of cerebrally challenged Andrew Edge, from Stockport.

Edge, who appears to have parted company with the English Defence League (EDL), led what became a toothless crusade to hunt down and assault Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in Crewe. For his endeavours, Edge, who shouted “you’re a traitor to the cricket people” at the Labour leader, lost two teeth. It has been captured here.

Edge: Should avail himself to BBC learning




Not to be silenced, Edge is continuing his toothless crusade against the world and has of today, turned his attentions to that Marxist bastion of indoctrination, The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Apparently he is going to protest at the BBC’s studios in Salford where he’ll be pleasantly surprised to find there are plenty of bars to help lubricate his intellectual output first.

The BBC: A hotbed of stuff Edge does not like.

He shouldn’t hang around too long, he might end up on the next episode of the TellyTubbies.