Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) will deliver a speech by recently detained far-right spokesperson Martin Sellner

This announcement comes after the government decided to refuse entry to the UK to Generation Identity’s de facto leader Martin Sellner, American far-right vlogger Brittany Pettibone and Canadian far-right vlogger Lauren Southern.

Earlier this month HOPE not hate published our yearly State of hate report in which we identified the increasing collaboration between Lennon, Southern, Pettibone and by extension Generation Identity as a major concern for 2018.

After Sellner and Pettibone were refused entry Lennon flew to Vienna yesterday to meet them upon their return to Austria. That Lennon will deliver a speech by Sellner is no great surprise as he has been spending more and more time with Generation Identity in recent months.

Yesterday, after Sellner was refused entry to the UK at the weekend a small group of GI UK activists held a rally at Hyde Park corner. Read our full report from the event here.