In worrying echoes of murderous acts fuelled by far-right radicalisation online, Cardiff Islamophobe David Lewis posts a picture of a lethal weaponry collection – alongside a Britain First leaflet.

Today the nation marks the first anniversary of the murder of Mukram Ali by Darren Osborne outside a Finsbury Park mosque.

Rapidly radicalised after consuming material online from the likes of ‘Tommy Robinson’ (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), Britain First and other far-right agitators, Cardiff-based Osborne drove a van into a group of worshippers outside Muslim Welfare House mosque.

People of all backgrounds and politicians of all hues have this week vowed that act of terror would not divide our nation, nor undermine our values.

As they did that David Lewis, a Cardiff supporter of Lennon/Robinson, Britain First and other far-right groups, posted this picture and caption on Facebook.

The inclusion of that Britain First leaflet along with an arsenal of knives, an axe and rifle, gives some indication of the supposed threat Lewis sees and for which he believes his followers should be readying themselves.

But for the avoidance of doubt there are plenty more pointers on his hate-filled Facebook page.

Birmingham worshippers targeted

Here, for example, he comments on a picture of Muslim worshippers (purportedly at a Birmingham Eid celebration). Calling for “Death to Islam!” he wanted Small Heath Park to be painted “red”.

The same day – last Saturday – he shared a video posted by the far-right Traditional Britain Group of Theresa May’s Eid address to British Muslims. This led him to label the Prime Minister a “Brain Dead Islamic Whore” and “Traitor” before adding that she should “Choke on Blood“.

Click the links above and you can read those chilling posts. Lewis has, though, removed the knife picture.

He should know though that, as they say, you can never really remove anything from the internet.

We have the URL as no doubt do the police who are reportedly investigating.

As ever, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon looms large

Equally obviously, where you see a threat of racial or religiously inspired violence you can wager a fair sum that you’ll also come across mention of one “Tommy Robinson”.

Sure enough, Lewis is among the hordes of reality deniers who thinks a man who pleaded guilty to an offence (of contempt of court), is innocent of it.

We’ve detailed elsewhere just why Yaxley-Lennon should be seen not as a martyr, but the violent far-right racist he is.

If the stakes weren’t so high, Lewis’ claims would actually be quite funny. After all he seems to believe that the incarceration of what you might call a career criminal is set to bring down the European Union.

He also warns of dire consequences should anything happen to Mr Yaxley-Lennon while he’s paying the price for his crimes.