Stephen Yaxley-Lennon's "PA" has handed in her cards claiming "he uses you for his own benefit."

Helen Gower, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s long-serving “personal assistant”, has turned her back on the far right’s leading rabble-rouser.

Tweeting from her protected account, Gower spat that she is now “tending to agree with what a lot of people said that he [Yaxley-Lennon] uses you for his own benefit.”

Gower, who’s from Dover and likes to be known as Lel, has been with Yaxley-Lennon since the early days of the English Defence League (EDL).

While having previously had the odd wobble, she also stood with him through his dalliances with British Freedom and Quilliam, and the ill-fated attempt to launch a UK version of Germany’s Islamophobic street movement, Pegida.

She even set up a limited company in the EDL’s name. Now, it’s safe to Gower is not a fan of young Mr Robertson.

Caolan Roberston remains close to Yaxley-Lennon.


Gower on Robertson.

Worse, he’s chosen Caolan Robertson over both Gower and his usually ominpresent cousin, Kevin Carroll.

Interestingly Gower seems perplexed at how and why he’s made choice. She postulates though that perhaps Caolan and Co. have something on Yaxley-Lennon.


Perhaps they do Lel, perhaps they do. After all, it’s not just you punting this theory.