Brave Aryan warriors courageously attack lamp posts armed only with sticky-backed nonsense.

Outrage and horror in Heanor, Derbyshire, with an outbreak of freshly printed and posted neo-Nazi stickers last week.

According to the local paper, one was even stuck on a bus stop in the town.

The offending stickers bore the name of the tiny British Movement (BM), formed in the late 1960’s by people too extreme for even the National Front (NF).

Not unsurprisingly, this outbreak of sticky racial hatred coincided with a similar campaign of sticky racial hatred by the equally small but unpleasant National Front.

Yes, the BM and NF share the same activists and brain cell so we knew it would not be long before they started bragging about their prowess of sticking stickers and ringing their local media outlets feigning outrage.

Step forward Mr Mick Sharpe, whom we once wrote about not being very sharp at all. In fact, we now have a whole list of names to hand over of people who appear to have been “at it” with their stickering.

Clouseau fought for the French Resistance ya know Mick?

Down in Canterbury, Kent, the NF’s drummer boy and his jailbird wife are positively bragging what they have been up to.

Mac The Not The Sharpest Knife.

Mac McElhinney once had dreams of firebombing our office. He is married to Amanda Smith, the former racist dinner lady who went and got her porridge in 2016.

Apparently the two have had a right old time of it putting NF and BM stickers up around their town, too.

Amanda ‘Smiley’ Smith.

In Essex, serial wally and failed lover Kevin Layzell has been getting (only) himself hot under the collar by putting stickers and leaflets out on Canvey Island.

Kevin Layzell. No caption required.

In all, we have the names of eleven adults from Scotland and England who have been putting up a job lot of National Front and British Movement stickers in areas where they live.

That’s enough for a shite football team.