Camera-shy fascist bands Brad, Whitelaw and Gentlemen Thugs are not in tune with the Toon.

Neo-nazis are heading to Newcastle later this month.

They’ve been told to meet at a wine lodge in the city centre from 1600hrs on 16th March. Boneheaded race-haters will be arriving from across the United Kingdom and Poland in the hope of raising their right arms in the air to the sounds of their favourite race hating, Hitler-loving artists’.

The gig is a memorial to the members of violent neo-Nazi band ‘Violent Storm’ who died in 1993.

‘Gentleman Thugs’ who are down to perform, fancy themselves as the new ‘Skrewdriver’- another band that was affected by the accident in 1993 that wiped out ‘Violent Storm.’

Gents: hoping to pay a visit.

Skrewdriver were the original power and force behind the ‘Blood & Honour’ network that puts on these sorts of gigs around the world.

Newcastle can expect to see a few dozen shaven-headed swastika waving thugs drunkenly milling around town on the day before they head off to musical Valhalla.