In a world of fake news and rising far-right threats, HOPE not hate magazine stands out for its reflection and analysis of the drivers of hate threatening communities today.

HOPE not hate magazine hub

We’re proud to announce that our flagship publication HOPE not hate magazine has just relaunched as a beefed-up quarterly magazine.

First launched in 2004, the magazine traces its long heritage back to our own journeys inside the anti-fascist movement.

For 15 years it has carried news of the struggles and changes within our movement and increasingly provided a platform for some of HOPE not hate’s most important launches, like our annual State of Hate and Fear & HOPE reports, and many of our exposés and investigations, as well as our campaigns and struggles against the far right.

In this new digital age, we strongly believe that a print publication still deserves pride-of-place among our newer digital channels.

That’s why in October 2019 we relaunched HOPE not hate magazine on a brand new ‘themed’ basis, beginning by tackling the climate change threat.

We’ll be unveiling new themes each quarter, to provide you – our supporters – with unique insights into the evolving far-right threat, as well as profiling those who bring hope to their communities, and initiatives which are helping cement bridges in our increasingly-divided world.

HOPE not hate magazine is the spirit of HOPE not hate, so please take a chance to read it and – if you haven’t already – subscribe now.

The magazine is co-edited by our CEO Nick Lowles and award-winning journalist and head of HOPE not hate’s special projects, Nick Ryan.