Brexit Party candidate Wendy Garcarz’s views have no place in our politics.

Over the summer, a number of Brexit Party candidates were sacked or forced to resign after their deeply unpleasant views were unearthed on social media. There was Prabjhit Dhillon, who resigned after posts emerged that showed he supported a ban on Muslim immigration. Then there was Mark Nash, who was dropped by the party for saying Islam was a ‘cancer’ that should be ‘crushed out of existence’.

But there are other candidates who have expressed similar views who remain in place and will be representing the Brexit Party in the upcoming election. Wendy Garcarz, the PPC for Birmingham Erdington, was revealed as having shared an alarmist post about Islam, one that compared British Muslims to the Germans in 1930s, and promoted the discredited conspiracy theory of Muslim ‘no-go zones’:

“In the UK, the Muslim communities refuse to integrate and there are now dozens of no-go zones within major cities across the country that the police force dare not intrude upon”

Garcarz has since claimed that she was sharing this to “draw attention to the bile of some who have no understanding of what Islam is about”, but it’s hard to take her story seriously given that she has previously shared a post from ‘BNN News’, a far-right fake news page:

BNN News’ campaign against Halal food is just part of a far wider far-right agenda, which includes the promotion of antisemitic tropes and the ‘White Genocide’ conspiracy theory:

Garcarz’s denial of holding extreme views is even less plausible given that her husband Andrew, the Brexit Party Organiser for Staffordshire, has posted similarly extreme content on Facebook, including this post that denigrated EU migrants and promoted White Genocide myths:

A large proportion of [EU citizens] are penniless ignorant ill-educated thieves…worthless parasites, crooks and criminals”

It’s time for the Brexit Party to take decisive action against all of the bigots who have made the party their home.

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