DFLA throw in the beer towel (again) Golding gets it in the neck (again) and Eddy Morrison passes away

Precious Paul Golding of Britain First drove from London to Manchester yesterday to issue an important address to his diminishing band of supporters.

Golding aired concern about new emergency legislation he interpreted as limiting gatherings to a maximum of eight people. One can only assume Britain First is now up to nine members?

The Dear Leader handing out on the spot guidance to rioters last weekend

Golding was recently convicted under terror legislation for failing to hand over his telephone to police officers. He said he had a duty to not hand over the telephone to officers from the Counter-terror police because it contained his organisation’s membership list (amongst other things.) So much for the high level security apparatus his begging letters always brag about.

Probably not so troubling for Golding was an attack on him by internet radio Nazi ‘Sven Longshanks’ who was for a short time some kind of cheerleader for the nefarious and dangerous National Action gang. Longshanks, real name Steve Stone, is the master of conspiracy theory. He has an ignoble habit of finding Jews and Homosexuals hidden in almost any item- from Peanut Butter to pork chops no doubt.

Stone: Unimpressed with Golding’s conviction under terrorist legislation

Longshanks devoted an almost entire squalid episode of his limited thoughts last night on his online radio bore-fest to Golding. To summarise, whatever Golding does is to just raise angry pennies from a dwindling support to further fund an undeserved lifestyle. Basically, if Golding can raise £50k from a few days of incarceration, he is more than willing to do so. Even if he could raise fifty grand, he (Golding) is still a few bob behind his competition, eh Tommy?

The other noticeable time Golding went to one of our war memorials

It’s probably lucky for Stone that he hides himself in an attic and refuses to come out except for his job at the council, because Golding is not immune to hunting down Nazis that besmirch his good name…

That spelling mistake..

Seeing Golding turn up dressed like Ernst Röhm to protect statues in London at the weekend reminded me of another time he turned up at the Cenotaph- with a pair of knickers on his head.

Golding was not particularly popular at the London protests and spent most of his time trying to offer his hand to people so he could get pictured shaking hands with ‘supporters.’ Sadly, some of the great protectors of our monuments and supporters of Golding cannot even spell the word Britain.

The DFLA: ‘media bias’ makes them act the way they do

The faux outrage at wanton hooliganism and urination by their supporters last week in London has led the Democratic Football Lads Alliance to issue an official statement. If they had any sense, they would’ve written it in advance of the weekend.

News reached us late last week of the death of Edmond “Eddy” Morrison. Morrison had dedicated some fifty years of his life to Nazism and much of it with disastrous consequences for both himself and those who followed him. In his later years he moved into a retirement flat in Leeds and concentrated his time on writing poetry and painting water colours of his one time hero, Adolf Hitler.

It was during this period that Morrison began to reflect on the disaster his life of hatred was. He also became a tacit accomplice in helping HOPE not hate. Unable to change his ways he continued to play host to various extremists that came to visit him in his retirement with their wild and ridiculous plans, most of which found their way to us.

Morrison: Carried on despite a growing hatred

Despite his age and health, it did not stop the National Front from threatening him with violence when he pointed out they were in constant breach of their own constitution. He quite enjoyed putting a nail in their ever evolving coffin as a result of that, though he had to be dissuaded from launching a leadership bid late last year which he may well have won!

As he lamented earlier this year, his life was “just too broken and wasted” to change. Wherever he is (he had a longing to go to Valhalla) he will enjoy reading the many columns of nonsense written by people that often betrayed him and he later in life, enjoyed scuppering. Apparently he enjoyed our articles about him immensely..

My colleagues will write up a suitable obituary to Morrison later this year.