HOPE not hate has uncovered a new neo-Nazi group operating in the UK calling for violence and terror – but shockingly all its members are children.

A Derby-based teenager, approximately 15 years old, is leading this new extreme far-right group called the ‘The British Hand’. 

The underage group discuss attacking migrants in Dover, how to acquire, modify and make weapons and how to hide their political views in order to be able to enlist in the military.

Glorifying the terrorist perpetrators of the Utøya, Charleston, Bærum mosque and Christchurch atrocities, the group and their teen leader boast that The British Hand are “gonna be bigger than them”, eerily striking paramilitary poses at an airsoft gun range. 

In our new report, we detail the emergence of this chilling new trend – children sucked into the world of neo-Nazis and groomed to push hate across their digital worlds, leading to extreme radicalisation and sometimes even terror and ultimately jail.

Read more about The British Hand, the context of underage far-right radicalisation and the background to the extreme youth subculture of white supremacist terror in HITLER YOUTHS: THE RISE OF TEENAGE FAR RIGHT TERRORISTS now.