Young people in the time of COVID-19

This new report from HOPE not hate Charitable Trust builds on past research on national identity, looking specifically at how fear and hope shape the attitudes and behaviours of young people, aged 16-24, in Britain today.
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HOPE not hate and the 2020 US Election
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BITCHUTE: Platforming hate and terror in the UK
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What is happening in Xinjiang?
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From The Archive: The Britons

CONTENT WARNING: This post contains quotes from and references to antisemitism published in the early 1920s. Some of the historical writing/documents in this article may…

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Man accused of Halle terror attack partly inspired by Generation Identity

The ongoing trial of the Halle attacker reveals the accused supported GI’s ideas and would have joined the group but thought non-violence didn’t work.

22/07/2020 - Simon Murdoch
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How Lennon and Golding link in with new ‘secret’ hooligan army

The far right in this country has an obsession with acting like secret armies. Thankfully few of them have actually ever bothered to join the…

13/07/2020 - Duncan Cahill
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More from the headbutting English Nazi that runs the Scottish football gang

Last week I wrote a blog about Lee Parkinson, the English Nazi who made a name for himself as a leading light in the Scottish…

29/06/2020 - Sarah Archibald
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