Man accused of Halle terror attack partly inspired by Generation Identity

The ongoing trial of the Halle attacker reveals the accused supported GI’s ideas and would have joined the group but thought non-violence didn’t work.

22/07/2020 - Simon Murdoch
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Inside Generation Identity UK

A hand landed gruffly by my neck. I snapped my head around to see a balding, 30-something man behind me, pint in one hand, my…

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a black graphic with white text that reads "From Banners to Bullets: GI UK and Ireland - The Runt of the Litter"
Generation Identity United Kingdom and Ireland: The Runt of the Litter

Since launching in October 2017 the UK and Ireland branch of the Generation Identity (GI) network has suffered one major setback after another. The first…

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Generation Identity UK Isolated and in Crisis

This past weekend saw the UK branch of GI hold its second annual conference in London, with British leaders quick to hail the event as…

29/07/2019 - Joe Mulhall
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