BREAKING: HOPE not hate thwarts neo-nazi murder plot

Neo-nazi Jack Renshaw guilty of preparing an act of terrorism and making threats to kill, after HOPE not hate source exposed his plot. Christopher Lythgoe…

18/07/2018 - HOPE not hate
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Update: important trial at the Old Bailey

An alleged member of National Action has pleaded guilty to plotting to murder Labour MP Rosie Cooper, and threatening to kill a police officer, Vicky…

12/06/2018 - HOPE not hate
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Not Enoch hate – interview with Lisa Nandy MP

Safya: When did you first hear about Enoch Powell? Lisa: Well I grew up in Manchester in the 1980’s.  The reason that my family had…

16/04/2018 - HOPE not hate
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Turning the page on hate

Conservative and Labour MPs, authors and faith leaders have united to call on the retailers to remove the vile books such as notorious antisemitic forgery…

19/03/2018 - HOPE not hate
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