Far Right Roundup

The fash don’t like it…. First of all, there’s some sad but not unexpected news about the love life of angry Nazi and failed terror…

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For Britain’s links to racial separatist group Generation Identity

Simon Murdoch reports on how the anti-Muslim party continues to have links to Generation Identity (GI), which received funding from the Christchurch killer.

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‘Terror doesn’t end when the last bullet has been fired’: Christchurch & the media

It’s too early to tell exactly how the Christchurch killer developed his world view and what factors ultimately caused him to act, but the numerous…

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The Feminist Anti-Fascist Assembly: Feminist movements are our best chance of defeating the Far Right

The far-right movements emerging across the globe offer up a variety of different focal points and strategies — from UK street movements and figures such…

08/03/2019 - Iida Käyhkö
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