Fascism On The March In Warsaw

By 10am the streets around the Palace of Culture and Science, the vast brick edifice that towers over central Warsaw, had already begun to throng…

12/11/2018 - Joe Mulhall
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anjem choudary is speaking to a group of people outside
This is our fight: why anti-fascists should oppose Islamist extremism 

HOPE not hate has been speaking out against Islamist extremism since 2010 and we then published our first major report, Gateway to Terror: Anjem Choudary…

17/10/2018 - Joe Mulhall
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The far right don’t really believe in free speech

Free speech is dead. The right that people fought and died for has been taken away by politically correct, blue haired social justice warrior vegans…

03/05/2018 - Joe Mulhall
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Tommy Robinson delivers Generation Identity leader’s speech

Lennon, the former leader of the anti-Muslim street gang English Defence League (EDL), delivered a speech written by Martin Sellner, the leader of Generation Identity…

19/03/2018 - Joe Mulhall
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