NF in tatters over the state of a coat

Sunday evening’s blog about the Polish chef denied entry back into the UK has caused outrage in the National Front (NF). It would appear our…

10/04/2018 - Matthew Collins
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Far Right Roundup

So, Jayda Fransen spent her International Women’s Day in HMP Bronzefield, Middlesex. There has been a mixture of hue and cry over Fransen and Paul…

09/03/2018 - Matthew Collins
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Far Right Round Up

The fall out from the conviction of a leading English Defence League (EDL) member for child rape continues. Unsurprisingly, as it has done many, many…

28/02/2018 - Matthew Collins
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EDL man gets 17 years for child sex offences

A senior member of the English Defence league (EDL), and a contributor to a plethora of far-right social media groups, has been sentenced at the…

26/02/2018 - Matthew Collins
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