Support the HOPE not hate Christmas appeal.
HOPE in schools: the 2018 Christmas appeal

When the video of a young Syrian school kid being wrestled to the ground started circulating on social media, people were shocked. The images were…

06/12/2018 - Nick Lowles
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Voters have shifted against Brexit
Brexit crunch: new opinion polling briefing

We’re hitting the Brexit crunch point now. Theresa May is close to a deal with Brussels, but she’s losing ministers unhappy with the deal left…

26/11/2018 - Nick Lowles
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We will remember them.
Lest We Forget

Today we remember all those who have given their lives in war and conflict around the world. Millions of people, from all races, religions and…

11/11/2018 - Nick Lowles
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Stephen Lennon has a criminal conviction for entering the US illegally.
Six reasons why Stephen Lennon might well be allowed to get into the US

Right wing Members of Congress have invited Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) to a major event in Washington DC. If he’s allowed in, it could…

28/10/2018 - Nick Lowles
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