Order of Nine Angles

The Nazi Occult The Order of Nine Angles is a Nazi-Satanist “group” (or Nazi Occult as they prefer to describe themselves) that promotes a supernatural,…

16/02/2019 - Nick Lowles
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a sea of people protesting against Brexit in London
State of Hate 2019 – Overview

One of the lasting memories of 2018 was the first Free Tommy demonstration held in London last June. Men, some in their 40s and 50s,…

15/02/2019 - Nick Lowles
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2019: a year of threats, but also a year of promise

I can’t remember beginning a year with such trepidation. We’re planning a lot research, analysis and campaigns, because the threat we face is on the…

23/01/2019 - Nick Lowles
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EXPOSED: far right attempts to hijack Brexit debate threaten to turn violent

The appalling abuse faced by Anna Soubry MP, Sky News presenter Kay Burley and campaigning journalist Owen Jones is simply the latest set of incidents…

08/01/2019 - Nick Lowles
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