Stephen Yaxley-Lennon guilty of contempt of court

On 25 May, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) was arrested for breach of the peace while live streaming outside an ongoing court case in Leeds….

08/06/2018 - Patrik Hermansson
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Russia and the Alternative Right

Few figures can match the Alternative Right’s infatuation with Donald Trump, but if there is one that could compete, it’s Vladimir Putin. The Russian president…

06/05/2018 - Patrik Hermansson
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Libertarianism and the Alternative Right

The Gadsden flag, as it’s called, is a symbol from 1775 traditionally used by the libertarian movement but curiously it’s now flown at rallies alongside…

05/03/2018 - Patrik Hermansson
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Trump retweets UK far-right extremist

  While still small, Britain First is the most prolific anti-Muslim street movement in the UK, best known for its extreme, controversial and confrontational actions,…

29/11/2017 - Patrik Hermansson
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