British Muslims regret Brexit choice

HOPE not hate polling shows Muslims who voted Leave were the most likely to have changed their minds in the face of rising Islamophobia and…

11/02/2019 - Rosie Carter
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a tattered EU flagged on top of the UK flag
Brexit: We are facing a crisis of growing political mistrust

Rosie Carter is senior policy officer for HOPE not hate and co-author of the report DEEPENING DIVIDES: How To Resolve Brexit Deadlock It’s hardly breaking…

29/01/2019 - Rosie Carter
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The Government has squandered a chance to show leadership on migration

With 100 days to go until Brexit, yesterday’s much-delayed proposal for immigration after Brexit indicates the chaos that lies ahead, with many members of the…

20/12/2018 - Rosie Carter
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The National Conversation on Immigration

Immigration has remained one of the most salient and divisive issues for the public in recent years, and a factor in many voters’ decisions in…

17/09/2018 - Rosie Carter
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