‘Yellow Peril’ James Goddard throws his begging bowl into electoral circus

The perennial PayPal pest of parliament square that is the walking and shouting begging letter James Goddard, has declared his intention to stand for parliament…

09/11/2019 - Matthew Collins
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Far-right roundup

Everyone’s favourite far-right scrounger and potential crowned ponce of the yellow revolution, James Goddard, has been released by Greater Manchester Police. This is after spending…

03/09/2019 - Matthew Collins
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Ten years on from electoral success, the BNP has never recovered

What determines how former and the few current remaining BNP members feel about the electoral process since the BNP’s demise in 2010 would tend to be determined by how much weight the great conspiracies against parliamentary democracy

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Former National Action activist jumps on Robinson bandwagon

‘Tommy Robinson’ campaign being selective about which Jew haters it likes and does not?

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‘Tommy Robinson in drugs shocker’

The allegation that Lennon spent other people’s money on Colombian marching powder to power his faux journalism will shock few people. After all, we hardly…

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BNP leadership election is all about the money

The British National Party (BNP) was once Britain’s largest and most successful fascist party. They were on the cusp of a lot of things- except…

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Far Right Roundup

It was only a week or so ago I penned in anticipation that ongoing antagonisms in the ‘DIY’ movement were likely to end in acrimony….

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Far Right Roundup

The fash don’t like it…. First of all, there’s some sad but not unexpected news about the love life of angry Nazi and failed terror…

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For Britain’s links to racial separatist group Generation Identity

Simon Murdoch reports on how the anti-Muslim party continues to have links to Generation Identity (GI), which received funding from the Christchurch killer.

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‘Terror doesn’t end when the last bullet has been fired’: Christchurch & the media

It’s too early to tell exactly how the Christchurch killer developed his world view and what factors ultimately caused him to act, but the numerous…

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Australian rules political football

Rosie Carter on the return of immigration to the headlines with Priti Patel’s announcement today to end freedom of movement and introduce an ‘Australian points-based…

14/11/2019 - Rosie Carter
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A sign on a brick wall that says "polling station - way in"
Brexit is not Labour Leavers’ number one priority

The media may want to call this “the Brexit election”, but for Labour Leave voters, the NHS, jobs and the austerity loom much larger in…

13/11/2019 - Rosie Carter
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a picture of border control at a UK airport
2019: an immigration dividing line?

In the first of our new State of the Nation blogs, Rosie Carter looks at the polling on immigration and asks if it will be…

11/11/2019 - Rosie Carter
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Pandora’s Brexit Box

While Brexit itself is about membership of a European institution, not religious discrimination, Brexit has fuelled anti-Muslim hatred. The politicisation of immigration through the Leave…

20/09/2019 - Rosie Carter
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