Cambridgeshire mayoral candidates

The people of Cambridgeshire are open-minded and welcoming. We celebrate our cultural diversity and come together knowing that we have more in common than the things that divide us.

With the help of supporters from across the county, Cambridgeshire HOPE not hate has been collecting lifesaving donations for refugees in Northern France, has been running public events celebrating the contribution of migrants (part of the One Day With(out) Us national events), has run community events and training to challenge the rhetoric of fear and hate and further community cohesion.

But the 4 May County Council and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Mayoral elections and the 8 June General Election are a time to decide what type of community, county and country we want to be.

Hence, Cambridgeshire HOPE not hate has reached out to Mayoral candidates to find out their position on the Right to Stay of EU nationals, the refugee resettlement scheme and tacking inequality.

Together with a coalition of organisations, made up, among others, from human rights groups, charities working with refugees, churches and migrant and ethnic minority communities, we came up with 3 Questions that we put to Mayoral candidates. The candidates were made aware that the answers will be shared with our activists, the supporters of our wider civil society coalition, on social media, with the local and regional media, so people can make an informed decision come 4 May.

As a non-party political, grassroots campaign, Cambridgeshire HOPE not hate believes the future Mayor:

  • should pledge to fight for the right to stay of all EU nationals currently living and working in Cambridgeshire
  • should commit to help settle refugees, including unaccompanied children refugees
  • should focus on building housing and infrastructure and support properly funded local services, so we can:
    • Address the feeling of being left behind that some communities have
    • Encourage community cohesion
    • Put an end of the blame game against some social and ethnic groups that populist politicians are willing to spread fear and hate against in order to win elections
  • fight for an inclusive, pragmatic immigration policy post Brexit, one that will have the best economic and cultural interest of Cambridgeshire at its heart.

Click on each candidate for the May 4th Mayoral Election to find their position on the Right to Stay of EU nationals, the refugee resettlement scheme and tacking inequality.

Rod Cantrill (Liberal Democrats)
Peter Dawe (Independent)
Julie Howell (Green Party)
James Palmer (Conservative)
Kevin Price (Labour)