Why We’re Campaigning

HOPE not hate stands against a Chaos Brexit

HOPE not hate believes that leaving the EU without a deal will be a disaster for Britain. The Office for Budget Responsibility last week predicted that leaving the EU without a deal would create a £30bn hole in public finances and plunge the country into recession. Other forecasts think the consequences will be even worse. The Treasury has predicted that the economy will be 9.3% smaller after 15 years.

The Bank of England has warned that a No Deal Brexit could trigger a massive economic shock and widespread disruption.

The horrific numbers being bounded around by economists translate into jobs losses, reduced tax receipts and a further hit on public spending. And, of course, it is those communities that are already struggling from decades of industrial decline and ten years of austerity that will be hit most.

newspaper headlines referring to job losses and mass unemployment

As the economic impact bite, resentment is likely to grow, especially among those who were promised that Brexit would deliver a better future for them and their families. The backlash is likely to provide fertile ground for right-wing demagogues and populists to exploit this anger and resentment – whilst also of course denying any responsibility for their own hard Brexit agitation. 

HOPE not hate’s mission is to provide an antidote to the politics of hate. A chaos Brexit backlash will create fertile ground for the far right. HOPE not hate cannot allow this to happen and so that’s why we have decided to stand up and oppose a radical right-led hard Brexit.

overlay pic of a downward arrow with the UK pound sterling in the background
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This campaign will include:

  • Encouraging civil society, faith and community groups, businesses and trade unions to speak out against a No Deal Brexit
  • A highly targeted online campaign engaging with Labour Leave voters, Tory Remainers and those who are undecided as to whether a No Deal Brexit will be good or back for Britain
  • Eight regional events to raise awareness over the impact of a No Deal Brexit. Each event will focus on a different theme and provide a platform to bring people from different backgrounds and political views together against a No Deal
  • Encourage people opposed to a No Deal Brexit to make their views known to their local MPs

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