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HOPE not hate is Britain’s leading anti-fascist campaign group. We organise people online and offline to build communities that are resilient to hate, and use cutting-edge research to expose the far-right.

We want to hear from applicants from all backgrounds, and especially welcome applications from people of colour, women, and people with disabilities. We’re committed to a belief that the more our work is created by people from a variety of backgrounds, and with a range of life experiences, the better it will be.

Please see our current vacancies below:

Digital Content Strategist

We are looking for a highly-motivated, passionate individual to join our Digital team to use online tools, strategies, and practices to engage with our supporters and the wider public with our work and values.

You’ll be a great fit for this role if you have a passion for HNH’s mission to combat racism and fascism and a knack for telling stories. You’ll work with our Digital Director, Maatin Patel, to build, grow, and manage the organisation’s digital function – that is, taking all areas of our work and turning them into compelling, shareable, and exciting digital products. Our team will strive to create innovative approaches and processes, as well as instituting best practices and shared learnings.

The ideal candidate will be driven to deliver results – you will know what success looks like and how you might measure it – by demonstrating an analytical approach to digital strategy. You will be able to articulate the value of and advocate for digital tactics and best practices both within the organisation and to our supporters.

Applications for this position are now closed.

Video Producer

We’re looking for a video producer who is passionate about using video to tell stories of people organising for hope, explaining complex public policy and research topics, shining the light on the activity of the far right, and fighting fascism.

Working in our London office with Digital Director, Maatin Patel, the video strategist will run a full video process, from crafting concepts to writing, shooting, and editing videos for distribution on social media and the web. Some of our videos will be quick ~10-30 second clips for social media, some will include original footage and range from the two to five minute range.

You’ll be a great fit for this position if you’re excited about creating videos for a variety of voices and strategic needs, and about being part of a one-person video team for a small but punchy organisation. You’ll have skills in a variety of areas—graphics, animation, filming, and editing—or the desire and a demonstrated ability to acquire those skills quickly. You’ll be eager and able to create video for multiple formats, from YouTube to Facebook to Instagram stories.

Applications for this position are now closed.

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