The Brexit Party is dangerous and divisive.

  • Leading figures, including two MEPs, have appeared on ​an antisemitic conspiracy theory radio show which has served as a key online platform for Holocaust deniers. Some of these appearances have been on ​the same episodes as known antisemites and white nationalists.
  • Nigel Farage has appeared in a bizarre online documentary ​Bilderberg: The Movie ​(2014) alongside a number of conspiracy theorists from the notorious LaRouche movement.
  • Brexit Party figures, including Farage himself, have links to the notorious conspiracy organisation InfoWars. Leading Brexit Party figures are close associates of InfoWars Editor-at-Large, the racist conspiracy theorist Paul Joseph Watson, and have retweeted him hundreds of times.
  • Brexit Party figures also have links to American far-right conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec.
  • Leading Brexit Party MEP has had links to misogynistic “manosphere” groups, having addressed the men’s rights activist (MRA) conference the International Conference for Men’s Issues (ICMI) in 2016.
  • Leading Brexit Party figures have retweeted far-right figures numerous times. This includes a neo-nazi, white supremacists, antisemitic conspiracy theorists and virulent misogynists.