English Democrats

The English Democrats Party (EDP) was founded on 17 September 2002 by the merger of the English National Party (ENP), which had been founded in 1997 by Robin Tilbrook, and several other small English nationalist parties.

Ideology Nationalist, Anti-Immigration, Anti-Islam
Membership 1,500-2,000
Leadership Robin Tilbrook (chairman), Steve Uncles, Winston McKenzie
Publications A new one in the pipeline
Online Website, Facebook and Twitter
Areas active Kent, London, Essex, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, South Yorkshire



Despite being totally overrun by the UKIP juggernaut, the English Democrats persisted at the ballot box, favouring mayoral and Police Commissioner elections.

The party trumpeted the recruitment of “Z-list” celebrity and ex-pugilist Winston McKenzie from UKIP early in the year and put him forward as its mayoral candidate in London. McKenzie then made a mistake with his nomination papers and also tried to pay the deposit with £20,000 in cash (even though the the deposit was only £10,000). He never made it onto the ballot paper.

Elsewhere the party moved silently into darker waters by tying up with a host of satellite groups around Stephen Lennon’s failed Pegida UK. It was in the “backroom” of Pegida that the English Democrats found themselves embroiled in an enormous row with rival far right party Liberty GB. The English Democrats annoyed and then trounced Liberty GB by coming second in the Batley & Spen by-election.

‘Counter-jihadists’ Ann Marie Waters and Toni Bugle of MARIAS both joined the English Democrats in 2016, with Bugle standing as Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for the party.


The English Democrats will limp on in 2017 but will continue to struggle to get any profile because of UKIP’s presence. Instead, it is likely to nibble at the fringes of the far right in search of recruits, candidates and supporters.