A Nation Divided

A HOPE not hate US election special

We have produced this special because we are fascinated by what’s happening in the US, as I’m sure you are.

Not only will 120 million Americans soon be voting for the most powerful political leader in the world, but the decision they make will acutely affect everyone in the world. More importantly though, as I hope you will see as you read this report, the issues facing America are not too dissimilar to what we are experiencing over here.

A divided country, seemingly ill-at-ease with itself. National identity, globalisation, deindustrialisation and liberalism – all colliding together into a dangerous and combustible mixture.

While our immediate attention is on 8 November, the day Americans go to vote, of equal if not greater concern is what happens afterwards, when the divisions that have been opened and widened by Trump’s campaign play out.

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