Blue-White Front/Vapauspuolue (VP)


Blue-White Front/Vapauspuolue (VP)

Chairman: Juhani Olavi Mäenpää

Party Secretary: Anja-Liisa Fabric.

Founded in 2009 the Vapauspuolue was a populist and anti-immigration party. Translating as ‘Freedom Party’, the association was first listed on the Party Register on 22 November 2010.

Olavi Mäenpää joined the Freedom Party in September 2010, giving the party its first City Council in Turku. In October 2011 the party elected Lisbet Puttonen as chairman, who sat until 2013. (Puttonen was sentenced to more than four years in prison for attempted murder in December 2016.)

Mäenpää was expelled from the party after criticising the new leaders but was later reinstated after a court decision found that the expulsion was illegal. In 2013 Mäenpää replaced Puttonen as party leader and the party was renamed the Blue-White Front. The party was a member of the pan-European Alliance of European National Movements.

In 2015 the party was removed from the Finnish party register along with five other parties due to not having any candidates elected in the most recent or prior parliamentary elections and remains inactive.

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