Fremskrittspartiet (FrP) (Progress Party)

Human Rights service


Bruce Bawer


Fremskrittspartiet (FrP) (The Progress Party)

Leader: Siv Jensen, 2006+ (since 2013, Jensen has also been Norway’s Minister of Finance)

Parliamentary Leader: Harald T. Nesvik

First Deputy Leader: Per Sandberg

Founded in 1973 on an anti-high taxes agenda, the Progress Party (FrP) has transformed into a populist, anti-immigration and anti-Muslim party over the years. It has long called for large reductions in immigration into Norway and, more recently, has campaigned for the hijab to be banned in schools and for the deportation of parents of children wearing the hijab.

For much of the last fifteen years, the FrP has been the second largest political party in Norway but, following the Anders Breivik massacres, it lost some support. In the 2013 parliamentary elections, the party won 16.3% of the national vote, losing seats to become the third largest party instead of the second. However, it succeeded in forming a coalition with the Conservative Party and entered into its first ever government with parliamentary support from two smaller centrist parties.

Progressive Party leader Siv Jensen is known for the phrase “snikislamisering” which translates as “sneak” or “creeping” Islamisation.

In 2014, Trond Ellingsen, leader of Asker FrP, wrote that Islam was not primarily a religion but an ideology based on violence, racism and oppression. He has been criticised for some about his activity on Facebook, where in one post he called the Prophet Muhammed a “paedophile mass murderer”.

During the 2015 local elections, the party dropped to 9.5% of the vote. In Oslo, a former stronghold, it got a mere six percent.

In 2017 the party came third in the Norwegian parliamentary elections, winning 15.2% of the votes. The campaign relied heavily on anti-Muslim fear mongering by perpetuating conspiratorial ideas of Muslims as “wolves in sheep’s clothing”.

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Human Rights Service

Leader: Rita Karlsen

Head of Information: Hege Storhaug

Editor: Nina Hjerpset-Østlie

A registered NGO, the Human Rights Service describes itself as a “non-partisan independent think tank that works with themes connected to the new multiethnic and multireligious Norway and Europe”.

Since 2002, HRS has received public funding from the Norwegian government, initiated by demands from the Progress Party.

The group praised Swedish blogger ‘Julia Caesar’, who famously wrote of African migrants having a lower IQ, for her “razor sharp analysis”.

It has published several reports on segregation, cost of immigration and cultural conflicts.

HRS has on several occasions promoted the ‘Eurabia’ conspiracy theory.

HRS has also been praised by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the website has featured pieces from American writer Bruce Bawer. Articles from HRS’s blog have been translated into English on sites such as Gates of Vienna, and translations of its articles continue to feature on Gates of Vienna even after HRS removed links to the site from its website.

Hege Storhaug has written several books, the latest being Islam, the 11th plague in 2015.

In October 2017 HRS announced a new project to document how: “Norway is changing rapidly. Islam increasingly dominates our public space. We are alienated.” It asked readers send in photo evidence.

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Bruce Bawer

Bruce Bawer is a US-born literary critic and poet, known for his hostility towards Islam. He was born in the United States in 1956, later moving to Amsterdam in 1998 and then the Oslo a year later. During his time in Oslo, Bawer was affiliated with Human Rights Services.

Bawer claims that Islamists are exploiting liberal societies to push their political and religious agenda, including the funding of extremist mosques and hardline imams. Within 30 years, Bawer argues, Islam will dominate European society and the only way to prevent this is to abolish political correctness and the doctrine of multiculturalism. He is a proponent of the ‘Eurabia’ conspiracy theory.

Anders Breivik cited Bawer’s book While Europe Slept in his manifesto. However, it was also nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award in 2006 but has come in for much criticism. Eliot Weinberger, one of the board members of The Circle, described the book as “racism as criticism”, while the president of the Circle, John Freeman, said: “I have never been more embarrassed by a choice than I have been with Bruce Bawer’s While Europe Slept.” He also claimed its “hyperventilated rhetoric tips from actual critique into Islamophobia”.

In 2011 Bawer compared the left in Norway with the Nazis and claimed that it had used the Breivik massacre to silence any “criticism of Muslims”.

  • Bawer is a Shillman Journalism Fellow, David Horowitz Freedom Center (DHFC)
  • He writes for FrontPage Magazine. He also works as a literary translator from Norwegian to English
  • He has written several articles for the Gatestone Institute in 2017.


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