Anti-Islamiseringsfonden (Anti-Islamisation Fund)


Ted Ekeroth

Kent Ekeroth

Jan Sjunnesson


Anti-Islamiseringsfonden (Anti-Islamisation Fund) (Closed)

Co-founders: Kent Ekeroth (Sweden Democrats MP) and Ted Ekeroth (Sweden Democrats)

Run by the Ekeroths, the group’s purpose was to collect funds to organise events and seminars about Islamisation.

It funded a meeting with Alan Lake in Malmö in 2009 and Robert Spencer in 2010. The group has been inactive since 2011 and its website is down. The remainder of the funds were passed over to a blog called Politisk Inkorrekt which later became Avpixlat.

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Ted Ekeroth

Leading member of the Sweden Democrats (SD) and twin brother of SD MP Kent Ekeroth.

His now-defunct website states: “Islam’s spread is the biggest threat to freedom, democracy, women’s rights, success and prosperity. Many other policy areas are important, but set against the Islamization of the world at large they appear almost non-existent in weight.”

He considers Islam to be a greater global threat than Nazism. He ran the Anti- Islamiseringsfonden/Anti-Islamisation fund with his brother Kent.

  • Attended UK and Scandinavia CounterJihad summit in Copenhagen on 14 April 2007 and gave a speech about the Sweden Democrats
  • Addressed inaugural CounterJihad conference in Brussels on 18 October 2007
  • Gave a very inflammatory speech in Hässleholm against “the mass invasion of immigrants”, especially Muslims, October 2015
  • Announced that he left all his political posts for the Sweden Democrats. He had been a member of the local council of Lund since 2010 and had held several posts in the party organisation. He had lost the election as chairman for the party in Lund but claimed that he left due to the ‘bad culture’ in the party and unreliable party members. He was also not in favour of the Swedish Democrats’ attempts to approach the leading conservative party in Sweden – February 2017
  • Swedish magazine ETC reported in May 2017 that Ekeroth appeared to be planning to move to Hungary, though Ekeroth would not confirm this. As of December 2017, however, his Facebook activity would suggest he has made the move.

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Kent Ekeroth

Kent Ekeroth is a prominent figure in the Sweden Democrats (SD) and an MP. He has established links with other like-minded counter-jihadist activists and political parties. He ran the Anti-Islamiseringsfonden foundation with his brother Ted Ekeroth.

  • Ekeroth was sacked as an intern at the Swedish Embassy in Tel Aviv for using embassy computers to spread xenophobic, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim propaganda, November 2006
  • Ekeroth organised an anti-Islam conference in Malmö with Alan Ayling (aka Alan Lake) giving an hour presentation on the dangers of Islam, September 2009
  • Assumed office as a member of the Swedish Parliament for Stockholm County, 2010
  • He attended an event in Berlin in support of the René Stadtkewitz and his new party Die Freiheit, a fortnight before the local elections. Also present was Geert Wilders, September 2011
  • Ekeroth temporarily resigned from the Sweden Democrats in 2012, following the “iron bar scandal” in which he was filmed fighting with an iron bar, making racist and sexist comments and throwing a woman onto a car
  • Accused by Swedish tax authorities of failing to pay taxes on donations to anti-immigration blog Avpixlat, of which 70,000SEK had been transferred from private accounts owned by him, 2013
  • Ekeroth made the first formal visit of a Sweden Democrat to the Finns Party in Finland in April 2015
  • Gave a highly inflammatory speech in Trelleborg against the “mass invasion of immigrants”, especially Muslims. Several uniformed nazis were seen in the audience, October 2015
  • His political secretary at the Parliament was sacked due to spreading Russian propaganda. Kent Ekeroth himself has appeared on Russia Today several times, September 2016
  • Replaced as the SD’s International Secretary, January 2017
  • Indicted for assaulting a man in a queue at a bar in Stockholm in November 2016. As a result he took time out from the Parliament, 14 February 2017
  • Was convicted for the assault and fined on 28 June 2017, though following an appeal, the verdict was overturned on 1 December 2017.
  • Avpixlat changed name to Samhällsnytt. The registration for the new site was done by Kent Ekeroth, August 2017.

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Jan Sjunnesson

Journalist, teacher and public lecturer, Jan Sjunnesson is one of the more prominent anti-muslim activists in Sweden lately.

  • Created Fri folkbildning, a public lectures organisation on subjects like immigration and the supposed dangers of Islam. More notable speakers have been Ingrid Carlqvist, Lars Vilks, Bertil Malmberg (SwedenDemocrats) and Mona Walter, 2013
  • Editor in Chief and Publisher of Samtiden, the Sweden Democrats online magazine. When leaving he revealed that the true Editor in Chief and Publisher had been Erik Almqvist, former MP for the Sweden Democrats and residing in Hungary since he had to leave Parliament following the infamous “Ironbar” incident with Kent Ekeroth, 2014-2015
  • Pride Järva. Organised an alternative Pride march through some of the suburbs of Stockholm, 29 July 2015
  • Founded Swedish Webbtelevision (Swebbtv) – a “citizen-funded initiative to create citizen journalism. The purpose is to defend an almost unlimited freedom of expression for what is true and relevant to spread through the media and publishing. We want to promote awareness, education and publication of information even when it is uncomfortable,” 2016
  • Carried out a “Freedom Tour Against Islamisation” in Skåne, southern Sweden, with Ingrid Carlqvist and Tania Groth. Demonstrations were held in five cities, though very few attended the speeches, 20-24 July 2016
  • Organised an alternative Pride, Pride Järva. Milos Yiannopoulis was invited and had promised to attend but cancelled his appearance just a few days ahead, claiming it was a matter of his security, 27 July 2016
  • In 2016 he started up För Frihet – copied from the Danish For Frihed – and arranged two “silent walks” in Stockholm against supposed Islamisation and in support of freedom and speech. Ingrid Carlqvist spoke on both occasions. The walks gathered less than 100 persons.
  • Organised the conference Dangerous Words 250 in Stockholm with speakers Douglas Murray, Anne Marie Waters, Hamel Abdel-Samad, Daniel Pipes and Aia Fog. The event was co-organised with Free Speech Society and with support from the Middle East Forum, 1 October 2016.

Has contributed to Avpixlat and Samhällsnytt.


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