Mouvement Suisse Contre L’islamisation (MOSCI)


Oskar Freysinger


Mouvement Suisse Contre L’Islamisation (MOSCI)

President: David Vaucher

Founded in 2007 in Lausanne and claimed 200 members and 300 sympathisers in 2011.

Fribourg Council banned the group from setting up an information booth during the anti-minaret campaign in 2009. It said it refused to give permission because of a fear that violence and unrest would break out as a result, provoking a legal challenge. However, in 2012, the federal court overruled these charges, stating that an anti-Muslim group had the right to give out leaflets from an information booth if it wanted and the local authorities must protect them.

Since 2012, the group appears to have been dormant though there were some posts on its website in 2016.

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Oskar Freysinger

A Swiss People’s Party (SVP) MP, Freysinger has been an Advisory Board member of Stop Islamization of Nations (SION) since January 2012. He was a member of the National Council of Switzerland Parliament for Valais 2003-2017.

  • Led a campaign in 2008 against the construction of new minarets in Switzerland that was endorsed in a national referendum on January 2009
  • Addressed Bloc Identitaire (BI) International Congress on the Islamisation of Europe in Paris, 18 December 2010
  • Freysinger shared a platform with Geert Wilders for the first time at the Hague, June 2011
  • In 2013 a documentary revealed that Freysinger had hung the Reich war flag on his desk
  • Freysinger continues to write articles for Riposte Laïque and published his most recent novel Bergfried.

As of 2017 his website is currently down.

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